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Why My Mindset Is Working Against Me, With Alia Sobel: Part 2

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Raj Girn: This week’s mindset and clarity theme show, where I’ll be deep-diving into a very common challenge most of us face at some point in our lives, and that is the whole concept of why mindset is working against me. That is the topic today, and to help me just deep dive into that, please welcome to the show the founder of the Two Word Story, Alia Sobel, who is a renowned Reiki master, yoga teacher and energy healer.

This is Part Two of our conversation:


Raj Grin: Folks, if you’re just joining us, you really do need to tap into Go see all of the products and services that she offers to help people tap into and cultivate their own individual rebel mindset and lifestyle. And I want to ask you this. Alia: I’m curious what are some signs and symptoms that people should look for to determine that they are in fact victims of an unhealthy mindset? That’s the other piece, right, that we know that we don’t feel good? We know that we’re not happy, but sometimes we don’t know why that is because we don’t know what to look for. What in your experience have you found to be maybe some of the benchmark things that people can look into because they are warning signs of an unhealthy mindset is in fact what they’re experiencing?

Alia Sobel: Yeah.

Just share your thoughts there.

Yeah, I would say what immediately comes to mind would be a lack of joy. I’m just going to give this example. I find so much joy, literally like boundless amounts of magic and joy from making my iced Nespresso in the morning. I just love it. I love the creaminess of the almond milk, and I’m like, “This is amazing.” And I step outside and look at the sky. Feeling a lack of joy for what’s around your every day I would say is a sign. And low energy. Feeling low energy is another one.

Alia Sobel,
Credit: IN@twowordstory_mindsetmovement

I think both of those have been a big part of what we’ve been experiencing at least over the last year and a half, if not longer. So I feel that we really do need to again, as you’re saying, really be mindful of what it is that’s going on with you. And I think that’s really, really important. How can we self-diagnosed the health of a mindset and how regularly should we be doing this? I feel like you’ve already answered this question, but let’s just bring it back to that. How do we self-diagnose how we feel from a mindset perspective?

I mean, I check in with myself every day because the interesting thing is I’m also somebody when I work one-to-one or in session, I like to call people out on their, I’m going to say B.S. because I just feel like that’s important. I have had numerous mentors and coaches and I love when they call me out and tell me, “You’re seeing it this way and I’m seeing it this way.” And it’s such a nice shift, right? When you have someone in your corner that’s helping you see it right because we can’t always see it. It does take some work to be able to self-diagnosis ourselves if you’re stuck in the mud, if you’re in the thick of it, in the fog. It can be really hard to self-diagnose. You might just want to reach out if what we’re saying resonates. Just reach out and say, I don’t want to feel like I’m in the fog anymore.

And so back to what I was saying, I check in with myself every single day via my journal. I mean, I have days, I have people, friends, that will tell me, I feel great, I feel great, I feel great. And then out of nowhere, they’re feeling yuck and they’re messaging me and I’m like, “Well, let’s dig into that a little bit. What is it that’s making you feel yuck?” And then when we just answer a few questions, they journey into that deep, soulful place and answer the question. So don’t sweep it under the rug. Don’t close your throat chakra and not speak your truth. You want to be an open, vibrating, healthy flowing being and, like you said, ease and flow. That’s how we should feel ease in that flow.

“Don’t sweep it under the rug. Don’t close your throat chakra and not speak your truth. You want to be an open, vibrating, healthy flowing being and ease and flow. That’s how we should feel ease in that flow.” ~Alia Sobel

Absolutely, I love that. I love that. I love everything about what you said. Guys, if you’re looking at figuring out how you can create a process that’s going to work for you because, as Alia has been saying throughout this conversation, she started off saying, this is this really is an individualistic journey. Her process, her formula, is to help you find that for you.

So if you’re looking to figure this out, or maybe you’re just a little curious, or maybe you just want to reach out to Alia and ask some simple questions. And I know that she’s going to be able to help guide you to where you need to go. So with that said, now let’s talk about what people should do to optimize on a holistic, mind-body, soul centric wellness routine based on your deep study and practice Alia. How can people stop that? What should they be doing?

I love that question. It’s so good. And again, I could sit here and talk for three days about all this stuff, but to answer it so easily, because I like keeping things simple. That’s why it’s the two-word mantra, right?

Credit: IN@twowordstory_mindsetmovement

Yes it’s not too much. We can all do it.

It’s very simple: two words. Or this suggestion to jump into this holistic way of thinking and create a soul care list, I call it. And so literally grabbing a piece of paper or getting in your phone and making a note and type it right at the top soul care list and then let your soul flow with all the things that nurture your soul and add everything you can possibly think of. Add things that you want to start doing more of and would nurture that soulful place. I always like to say our mind, body and soul can stay connected if you’re listening to your soul. That’s the light and the love it. Live in there. And so the soul care list, for example. I actually have one in the Rebel Soul journal that I have. I mentioned that earlier. So the soul care list might look like meditation, yoga, a glass of wine, best friend phone call.

“Our mind, body and soul can stay connected if you’re listening to your soul. That’s the light and the love of it.” ~Alia Sobel

So like, let it just be all the things that nurture your soul, right? Snuggles with my kids. And then what you do in the moment of feeling the low vibe, low energy fogginess, you look at your soul care list and remind yourself, “Wait. I’m going to do this right now because I know this is what I have time for.” So my soul care list is so long. I have all kinds of things. Sometimes I do my angel card tarot cards, my journal. I go stare at the sky for 10 minutes. A lot of things you can do, connecting to what works for you, is how I would say from a holistic . . .

I mean, sure, I love from a body standpoint, like taking care of your body with physical regular workouts. Probiotics are really healthy for you. And then from a mind piece, are you journaling regularly or do you need to make a therapy appointment? Don’t be ashamed. Do that, because that really helps from a mind perspective. But that soul care list, I think, is going to nurture this interesting question. And I can also point to that and make that soul care list. But then also answer what is your two-word story for your life? What’s your life two-word mantra? And just sit with that question.

That’s a great starting point. I love that idea because if you if all else fails and you just don’t know where to start because of all the fog and the stuff that Alia has been talking about with us today, the two-word story is a brilliant starting point that you can actually anchor as your ground zero. I love it. Yes, you’re right. We live in very unique times today, Alia. I want to ask you: What are some resources that you recommend people should tap into —books, apps, websites, mantras, et cetera — that you have as your go-tos? Maybe some of the things that you yourself have produced to assist them in regulating and elevating their wellness IQ so that the universe challenges we’re all facing today.

“If all else fails and you just don’t know where to start because of all the fog and the stuff that Alia has been talking about with us today, the two word story is a brilliant starting point that you can actually anchor as your ground zero.” ~Raj Girn

We all know what they are that are brought on by the takeover of the digital age, which is normalizing isolation practices, which is a whole other show. But I just want to put it out there. It’s normalizing isolation practices and minimizing direct human interaction. It halts the pursuits of living a full, intentional life, right? It’s almost like we need that extra help while we’re living through these times, especially this last year and a half that we’ve all collectively experienced. We need some guidance. What would you recommend that people should tap into to help them there?

I do feel like I’m sharing a lot of the same, but I can’t stress enough the importance of grabbing your journal and grabbing that meditation. So I love that isolation piece. When you said that, what came to mind was when I work with people and clients, we really tap into, interestingly enough, our human nature is to want to feel fulfilled from our outside world. The people that are outside, the things that we’re living among, when all of the happiness is the inside, it all comes from you. And this might sound selfish, but it’s like, I don’t need anybody else. The only person that I need is me. That’s it.

So my alone time is just so incredibly special. And I really clear and create that space. I’m giving an example here. But September was just an upside-down whirlwind I think for a lot of people. I’ve heard many people coming through with just massively life-changing things that are going on. And that could take me into the whole astrology thing that I do follow and love. But I’m not going to go there. But I will say that after this retreat, once I come home, I had downloaded in a meditation, it was like I heard, “Alisa clear your calendar for the whole first week of October.” Marked it. It’s blocked. And a lot of people would say, “I cannot do that.” Oh, my goodness. But why aren’t you worth it? Aren’t you worth that? That regeneration, that alone isolation of nurturement. That’s so important. That alone time can be journaling, it can be sitting outside having your tea or whatever it may be.

Credit: IN@twowordstory_mindsetmovement

I love it. And it’s so difficult to do because we’re trained, we’re conditioned, we are taught to be the opposite of all of that, unfortunately. And so then when you write and then when the universe stopped and stood still and demanded that we do exactly that, that’s when everything started to happen for people and the shift in the universe started to happen, which then shifted the energy in our universe, which is now demanding that we look at life through the lens that makes sense for us. And what are the tools and the resources out there? I feel that’s why there are so many consultants and mentors and coaches that are coming out to support the gap that exists in our society today. And I think it’s important.

And that’s the other thing, guys. We’re getting ready to close off with Alia, but I do want to mention to everyone, for anyone out there that feels that, for me to ask for help, whether it be a therapist, a coach, a consultant or a healer, whatever it is, I want everyone to know that I reach out to all of them. I have a massive support system of people that help me be me. And I like who I am and I know that Alia. I feel that you could say the same thing that you like who you are, and if at any time you don’t like who you are, you stop to realign and to come back to your center core. I really do feel that you do that as I do as well. I want to ask you this: Is there anything that you feel that I haven’t touched upon, that you feel people need to take away from this conversation? And let me bring back the topic. It’s why my mindset is working against me. Is there anything you feel that I haven’t tapped into that you’d like to or is there anything you feel that we talked about that you want to bring back to people as kind of the final thing they should be taking away from this?

I would say, really taking in this message of soulful nourishment. So our mind, we know, can play tricks on us. I like to give this example, but really in a moment when you’re feeling this chaos or stress or an uncomfortable feeling, I call it a low vibration feeling. And low vibrational feelings teach us a lot. So they’re not bad. You don’t have to erase them. They’re there for a reason for us to tap in and learn. But I always say, imagine you elevate above your body. And then look down on yourself and what’s going on around you and do this deep exploration.

“In a moment when you’re feeling this chaos or stress or an uncomfortable feeling, I call it a low vibration feeling. And low vibrational feelings teach us a lot. So they’re not bad. You don’t have to erase them. They’re there for a reason for us to tap in and learn.” ~Alia Sobel

This reflection, like I’m feeling this way because that happened earlier and I didn’t say what I wanted to say and maybe I should say it. It’s interesting when you just stop for a moment, stop and take a deep breath, and connect to your breath and reflect, and really say, “What is going to shift me out of this vibration?” You want to wake up with your happy heart. You want to wake up feeling blissful. I call that five D consciousness. It’s really a juicy place to be in. It’s like there could be a literal storm swirling around you, but you are remaining grounded and calm and peaceful through the storm. That is a big part of how our mind can take us away from knowing how to do that. But your soul wants to remind you how to do that. And there are so many ways, as we talked about, those energetic, spiritual, connected personal ways that you can clear energy. I’m a big energy clearer. And I was going to point out too, in the journal on Amazon. So this is the Rebel Soul Journal. It says on the bottom there: a mindset reset. Because that’s what happens when you sit with some paper and pen and you just start flowing with your words. And it’s such a relief. And then the journal has all kinds of things, that soul care list for example. It has journal prompts. So something as simple as this could really start helping you understand why your mindset is working against you. Just pick one thing to try to elevate your vibration and feel that ease, the flow. And I’ll leave everybody with these words: Trust, surrender, flow. I write it in my journal all the time.


Trust, surrender. flow. And that’s it.

I love that idea. You are such a pleasure. Thank you so much for joining me today and sharing your wealth of wisdom. You are a gift and I appreciate you, my dear.

You are such a gift too. Thank you for all you put out into this space and cosmos in the universe. Thank you everybody for listening and being with us too. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you, Alia.

Credit: IN@twowordstory_mindsetmovement

Guys, thanks for hanging out with Alia and I today. I really hope you got some real value from our discussion and that you understand that you are responsible to cultivate the life that will serve and empower you every single day. If any of what we talked about today helps you shift and amplify a positive perspective on your life, I want to hear from you. Email me at [email protected] and tell me your story. And if I love it, I’ll be inviting you to be a guest on my show to share your story so that together we can help someone else expand their possibilities to reach their version of Nirvana. It’s always about constant cyclical service, guys. That’s what life’s about.

For more training like this, please subscribe to our YouTube channel at The Open Confidence Academy. Don’t forget I said it at the top of the show. I’m saying it again, Go hop over to Apple, Google and Spotify and search ‘The Transform Your Confidence Show’ for our podcast platforms. And also, I want to encourage you guys to join our free coaching newsletter community. Head over to the website at Because those of you who are not a member there, you’re not getting an article that I write every single week specifically on insights that I’ve learned and I’ve learned through a lot of the work that I’ve done with people over the last 30 years in entrepreneurship. I want you guys to also, as I close off as I always do, hop on over to my free professional development incubator, where I personally answer questions that members ask and want you to head over to Facebook for that and go to Transform Your Confidence.

Until next week, I’m sending you positive vibes to keep you focused on building your brand, your authority and your best life.

See you next time, guys.

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