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Our Mission

Our “Rinse & Repeat” Philosophy: How It Works & What’s In it For You!

After 30 years in the entrepreneurial arena, with 20 of them being in C-suite as a media, communications, and events entrepreneur, where I have predominantly worked with Fortune 500s, celebrities, thought leaders, and high achievers, I have come to realize that there are two, very simple characteristics that make for a great leader:

The ability to stay connected with everyone.

The ability to connect everyone.

These two characteristics can be learned and perfected no matter who you are, where you come from, or where you want to go, so long as you have the correct knowledge, action, and accountability formula, that’s needed to sustain the transformation once it is achieved. Sustainable transformation is accessible to anyone who is ready to re-program their mind, body, heart, and/or soul.

To this end, I have created and perfected THE OPEN CHEST® CONFIDENCE METHOD, where anyone can open themselves up and remove that which does not serve them, to make room for that which does, and in so doing, can lead with confidence and inspire others to follow. This is the fundamental holy grail of effective communications, which starts with self, which along with money and relationships, is something that we are never taught how to do and the stats support this.

I’m a staunch believer that as humans, no matter what we believe in or do, we are all on the same journey to discover the meaning and purpose of life. That is, what we are willing to let in and to let out in order to progress (or not). The difference between those who hit the mark and those who don’t, is in the effort that is put in to acquiring the appropriate knowledge & resources, actioning them, and holding ourself accountable to the intended outcome.

How do we accomplish this? Well, I truly believe that there is only one way, and the good news is, it’s a “rinse and repeat” formula:

Belief + Guru + Execution = Growth + Transformation

Let’s break this down . . .

In order to grow in any capacity, you must first believe that it’s possible (vision).

Then you must work with a person who is already where you want to go (direction).

And you must be committed to doing the work to get there, until you get there (investing in the process).

And when you get there (growth and transformation) share it (pay it forward), because real empowerment comes from service.

Scroll down and we will show you how to get there.

Thank you for trusting me and my team to guide your unique journey towards an intentionally higher quality of work and life experience, and for taking your life seriously. Bravo!

~ Founder, Raj Girn

Holistic: Nourishing the whole person; mind, body, heart, and soul.

Advocacy: Actions that support the promotion of a belief system.

Growth: The acquisition of an expanded and deeper frame of reference.

Transformation: A change that has occurred from an expanded frame of reference.

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