How to Brand Your Wow Factor With Authenticity, With Sandy Grigsby

Raj Girn: My guest today is Sandy Grigsby, a self-image branding expert and the founder of Briofive, a personal branding photography studio. Here’s a bit about her before we say hello. Sandy is a TEDx speaker, an author and a confidence catalyst. My kind of people. For over 17 years, she has explored and cultivated […]

Here’s why even as an expert, I’m a constant student . . .

“The acquisition of knowledge can never be underestimated, because it allows you to learn from others without experiencing the fallbacks.” ~ Raj Girn, Confidence Coach, Consultant & Mentor | Founder, The Open Chest® Confidence Academy Hi Friend, We constantly hear that “knowledge is cheap” on the internet, as if that’s a bad thing. I’ve learned two very important lessons […]