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About Our Mission

Our founder Raj Girn believes that there are two very simple characteristics that make for a great leader:

 The ability to stay connected with everyone.

 The ability to connect everyone.

Why is this important?

About The Academy

THE OPEN CHEST®️ CONFIDENCE ACADEMY is a one-stop, holistic community focused on cultivating sustainable transformation in mindset, branding, media, communications, marketing, leadership, and advocacy, with the goal of arming leaders with the ability to create, sustain, and grow deep, long-lasting connections so that everyone wins (the company, the workforce, the clients).

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About The Founder

RAJ GIRN, THE OPEN CHEST® CONFIDENCE COACH, is an award-winning, serial entrepreneur and multimedia personality, who has worked with fortune 500 companies & A-list celebrities for 2 decades.

She has successfully created and curated multiple media and marketing campaigns and small, medium, and large event properties, that have incorporated multinational corporations, celebrities, influencers, thought leaders, media houses, and public communities.

She is a powerful speaker and communicator, a bestselling author, and has been featured in 2 coffee table books and a feature length documentary. So why then did she decide to launch this Academy?

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