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101 Series + Industry Insider Series:

These are 2 booklet series that make up the ‘Learn From Us’ section of the Academy, which comprises of topics such as: mindset, branding, media, communications, promotions, public relations, marketing, operations, pitching, presentations, sales, and many more similar topics. They include benchmark ideologies and trusted rules of thumb from our team here at TOCCA, as well as credible 3rd party experts and verified institutions.

If you are a novice on any of the topics that these series focus on, then this is the perfect place to start your journey, since these focus on the foundational basics. They require no previous knowledge and can serve as a great prerequisite to get you ready for the more advanced and integrated courses and programs that we offer, which take the fundamental knowledge from these series and move you up to one of our skill-building courses and our integrated and intensive program (should these be something that you would like to do). They are also great to learn recreationally if you are looking to pick up a new topic to learn about, and can be utilized individually or as a collective.

They range from $19.97 to $99.97 and are offered as individual booklets (regular price) or in bulk (where there is an incentive discount).

From late Spring 2020 and continuously thereafter, as more are added intermittently when the need arises to add additional topics clients are asking for.

Please click HERE for the ‘101 Series’ and HERE for the ‘Industry Insider Series’ submission forms.

How To Communicate So That Anyone Will Listen:

This is a perfect next step from the ‘Learn From Us’ section (‘101’ and ‘Industry Insider’ learning series), although this have been created to be taken with little or no prior knowledge. Clients who have purchased any of the ‘Learn From Us’ products will however, have a noted advantage when starting these courses.

This 4 week course comprises of:

  • A membership site, with time-released modules comprising of videos, audios, workbooks, and recommended resources & reading (not just theoretical rhetoric);
  • A members-only 24/7 Facebook group (for peer support);
  • A Monday to Friday help desk (for expert(s) driven support);
  • A ‘Certificate of Completion’ (with the Academy Seal);
  • A general coupon that can be used against the purchase of additional full price products and services in the Academy (except for the ‘Consult With Raj Girn’ and ‘Corporate Mastermind’ services)

People who are looking to get an intermediary understanding of the course topic, both from an theoretical and application perspective. Those who complete the courses will have a solid understanding of the subject matter, both foundationally and practically. The knowledge acquired can be utilized in a multitude of personal and professional environments.

They range from $497 to $997. The cost of the courses is built on a maximum of 30% of the minimum ‘actual value’ of the courses, if you were to purchase each component as a separate entity. So, if a course is $497, the cumulative ‘actual value’ is $1,657.

From late Spring 2020 and continuously thereafter. More topics will be added intermittently, based on those that clients are asking for.

Please click HERE to access the submission form, where we will be notifying all registrants of the pre-launch introductory price that we will be offering for a limited time only.

Coaching Program:

This is a perfect next step from the ‘Learn From Us’ and / or ‘Bundle Services’ sections and although it has been created to be taken with little or no prior knowledge, prospects are required to go through a vetting process prior to being qualified to join. Clients who have purchased any of the ‘Learn From Us’ and / or ‘Bundle Services’ products, will have a noted advantage when starting the program, but only as it relates to the foundational aspects of the program.

This 7 or 8-week program entitled: “The Ultimate 7-Steps Communications Strategy To Command Your Authority Like A Superstar!” comprises of a proprietary 7-steps process, called THE OPEN CHEST® CONFIDENCE METHOD.

This is an intense, multi-faceted program, consisting of:

7 and 8-week versions:

  • A membership site, with time-released modules comprising of videos, audios, workbooks, and recommended resources & reading;
  • 2 intensive Q&A sessions per week with Raj and her team, where they will answer questions regarding the program;
  • A Monday to Friday help desk to get additional support in between calls;
  • A members’ only Facebook Group for active members to network, share, and inspire each other;
  • Guest expert-driven training in addition to Raj and her team, where notable personalities will pull back the curtain on the latest industry information, tips, hacks and need-to-know tricks that are working right now;
  • A ‘Certificate of Completion (with the Academy Seal), for those who complete 7 of the 8-week’s program;
  • A general coupon that can be used against the purchase of additional full price products and services in the Academy (except for the ‘Consult With Raj’ and ‘Corporate Mastermind services).

8-week only version:

  • A ‘Certificate of Graduation’ (with the Academy Seal), for those who complete the “This Is My Confidence Blueprint” video challenge;
  • A VIP coupon that provides one ‘Consult With Raj’ session, which can be utilized post graduation with no expiry date;
  • A personal testimonial from Raj upon graduation.

This program has been created for:

Primary Candidate:

  • Executives who are stuck in middle management and looking to learn how to level up their personal brand so as to compete for a c-Suite position;
  • Early stage entrepreneurs looking to lead and inspire a team towards aligning with their company’s corporate culture.

Secondary Candidate:

  • Individuals who are looking to increase their personal confidence.

This program starts at $4,997 and offers 4 package options. It requires a candidate to qualify in order to participate, because our founder, Raj, insists on pre-qualifying candidates through a discovery call to ensure that each individual fits the criteria required to enter the program. The criteria is based on personality and life experience, and not on prior knowledge of the program’s subject matter.

The cost of the program is built on a maximum of 30% of the minimum ‘actual value’, if you were to purchase each component of the program separately. So, for the starting cost of $4,997, the cumulative ‘actual value’ would be $16,657.

The expected launch is Fall 2020, but with the COVID-19 situation, a more accurate launch time will be announced in due course.

Please click HERE to access the submission form, where we will be offering a pre-launch introductory price for a limited time only on all 4 package options, for qualified candidates.

Corporate Mastermind:

This is a 2-day intensive mastermind, created for a corporate or entrepreneurial group environment, where Raj and her team, as well as a global group of experts, work together to maximize the potential of the group’s individual and team performance abilities through a combination of communications centric theory, real life case studies, and role playing activities. These are based on a proven system that Raj has created to combat the challenges that most groups are faced with, when they hit a roadblock or fork in the road in their communications abilities.

If your team at work is not performing to their maximum potential, and you need to transform a clock in / clock out mindset into an effortless and consistent environment of advocacy culture, centred around consistent, optimal productivity, this mastermind can help you get there.

This varies based on many factors and requires a pre-qualifying process to determine the scope of work involved (starting point of the group’s IQ). Generally, there are 2 price points that are applicable to the mastermind, which start at $15,000.

The Mastermind is offered once a month, and the next available opportunity will become available in Winter 2020.

Please fill out the form HERE and we will contact you accordingly.

Consult With Raj Girn:

This is where you can book one-on-one sessions to work with Raj Girn directly, either on your current / future project(s), or if you feel that you need a more personalized environment to work on your professional development goals.

Her core areas of coaching and consulting are: mindset (focus, discipline, etc.), branding (your story and how to tell it), communications (public speaking, presentations, etc.), media (creation, channels to use and why), marketing / sales (the gamut), leadership (in person / online and one-on-one / small-medium-large groups), team building (mindset & activities), operations (small, medium, large), corporate culture (advocacy), and confidence building (the aforementioned).

These sessions are administered in-person or virtually, depending on the subject matter and location of the client and there are 4 packages of sessions available for purchase.

They start at $500 and go up from there. The rates per session are calculated on the amount of sessions purchased, so the larger quantity packages offer the greatest discount per session.

Please fill out the form HERE and we will contact you.

Disclaimer: Due to Raj’s many commitments, this service is available for a limited number of hours per month. When sessions become scarce, priority is given to active clients over new clients, so we recommend that if you would like to utilize this service, book one of the 4 session options sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment or having to wait too long, especially if you’re on a time constraint with your objectives.

Refunds & Exchanges

No Refund Policy:

The Academy does not issue refunds for the ‘Learn From Us’, ‘Consult With Raj Girn’, and ‘Corporate Mastermind’ products and services, under any circumstances whatsoever, due to the nature of these offerings.

Exchange Policy:

The Academy does issue a 7 day window post purchase (after the initial deposit is paid, where applicable or a one-time payment is paid in full), on the ‘Bundle Services’ and the ‘Coaching Program’. This request must be received from the purchaser wanting the exchange, by the enrollment director via email, within 7 business days from the date of the purchase. The purchaser would be expected to provide in writing, why they would like to exchange their product or service, and it will be up to the discretion of the enrollment director to decide if the exchange request conforms to our exchange criteria or not. The enrollment director’s decision will be final and non-contestable. Should the decision be made that it does qualify for an exchange, the purchaser will have access to the product or service removed and credits applied to their account on the Academy website, to equal the monetary value of the exchanged item that they have been approved to receive. This will then be available by the purchaser to use on other products and services in the Academy.


The Facebook group which is open to the public (excepting the products and services members groups, which are exclusive to paid members only), can be joined HERE.


You can sign up for her free monthly media newsletter HERE, where all of her shows, appearances, and news is sent directly to your inbox, so you will never miss a thing that she has done in any given month.

Please fill out the form HERE, and our team will get back to you.

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Practically everything can be found on the internet if you have the time to look for it. But not everything available online is credibly sourced, expert authored, based on real life case studies, and / or experientially tried and tested. We have carefully compiled our products and services to include all of these necessary criteria and as such, they all include the “TOCCA Certified” seal of approval, which guarantees you the TOCCA high standard of quality.

In accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, we will be collecting data / emails for educational and commercial opportunities (sending you newsletters, offers, media content (podcast, blog, yt videos) etc). We generally will not be sharing this data with third parties. Only in the cases where we partner up with third-party companies and experts as deemed necessary to collaborate on services and offers do we make data available strictly for these purposes only.



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