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How to Get Your Life Back After Illness, With Katrina Foe

Raj Girn: In today’s mindset- and clarity-themed episode entitled, How to Get Your Life Back After Illness, I will be speaking with Katrina Foe, the owner of Personalized Pilates, who is also a certified metabolic approach to cancer practitioner and is board certified in holistic nutrition. As a cancer survivor herself, who has successfully addressed […]

How Irresistible Am I, With Chellie Phillips

Raj Girn: In our first episode back, I will be focusing on what I feel needs to be a communications-themed episode, and it’s entitled How Irresistible Am I. My guest today is executive coach, speaker, trainer and change agent, Chellie Phillips, who has written two books entitled When in Doubt, Delete It and Get Noticed […]

When Will It Be Time For Me to Heal, With Winnie Wang

Raj Girn: My guest today is Winnie Wang, a trauma-informed licensed acupuncturist, shadow worker Reiki and intuitive healer, and a professor of acupuncture at Alhambra Medical University. She also co-wrote a book entitled Honoring Darkness: Embrace Shadow Work To Nourish And Grow Your Power. What a title. I don’t want to even waste a moment […]

Am I Living the Right Life, With Mahima

Raj Girn: My guest today is the founder of The Mahima Mindset, Mahima, who is one of Europe’s top self-mastery and leadership mentors, an international bestselling author, coach and speaker who has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. And she is going to help us unpack and answer this week’s big question: Am […]

Undoing Masculine Toxicity To Make Room For The Feminine, With Eli Coberly

Raj Girn: My guest today is the author of War in the Hearts of Men. A very provocative title indeed. And here’s a bit about him before we say hello. He is an army veteran who went on a quest around the world to research the bigger questions around human existence through ancient cultures and […]

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