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Part 2: Leadership Communication Is All In The Mind With Tamanna Roashan

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Raj Girn: Meet Tamanna Roashan, the globally renowned beauty educator and founder of the Dress Your Face Empire. She is the single most sought-after international beauty educator in the world, as the founder of the world’s first and the number one most subscribed to live online makeup and hair school Here, she has changed the game by bringing affordable top-tier beauty education right to people’s homes, 24 hours a day. The school has over 100,000 past and present students worldwide, making her the number one ranked makeup and hair artistry educator in the world. She has taught more students as a single instructor than most beauty schools combined. So what I recommend that you do, guys, is grab a pen, grab some paper, put your headphones on, and shut the door, because this episode is packed with many actionable tips that you can incorporate in your own business, big or small, or even in your personal life, to deepen your relationships with your team, your clients, your fans, your followers and your loved ones.

Here’s the conversation:

Raj Girn: Tam, thank you so much for agreeing to come on my show. I just can’t wait to share your many years in the entrepreneurial space wisdom. I know that the audience cannot wait to hear how you built your brand. And I want to start from the beginning, if you’re comfortable with that.

Tamanna Roashan: Sounds good.

Wonderful! So I want to ask you, because many people have been asking me this question, especially when it comes to a mogul that has created from scratch a company that has always been online from the foundational level all the way up to scaling to where you have. So this question is just natural to ask you from the get go, I’d like to ask you what leadership means to you. Do you have a definition or an ideology that you can share with our viewers? 

Absolutely. I mean, I’m someone that wears a lot of hats. I’m a woman that’s also a wife. I’m a mother. I’m a teacher. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m an influencer. I’m a boss. So I think leadership can look different depending on what hat I’m wearing. 

Tamanna Roashan

As a mother it means being someone that my daughter can look up to, someone that she can kind of trust, someone that would set an example to show her that it’s important to do what’s right, even if that’s the hard thing to do. I think as a wife, it means being a team player, not necessarily being the leader, but knowing when to step back, knowing when to allow my husband to lead and a kind of being a partner rather than a leader. 

As a businesswoman, as DressYourFace, I feel like [being a leader] means being innovative and thinking outside the box, and creating that path for myself to inspire others to do that for themselves and sharing the knowledge. ~Tamanna Roashan

I am an educator and that’s a huge chunk of what leadership means to me, showing the path and allowing others to attain that type of success and those qualities for themselves as well, and to be able to elevate everyone so we can all learn, we can all grow, we can all kind of share that space. I mean, the list goes on and on. Honestly, as women, we wear so many more hats than what I just listed and we can do a lot of that at the same time. But I think the bottom line is, no matter what role that you’re playing and no matter how many hats you’re wearing at the same time, I think the most important thing is showing up and killing it at any level. I think that’s the biggest thing that I can take away from leadership. 

Absolutely. And you’ve definitely done that, girlfriend, on all kinds of levels. You made a decision to move to L.A. because you knew that it would be the right place for you to be, considering that you’re in the glamour industry. And you had a certain very authentic, different, unique concept of what beauty meant, what makeup was all about. You’ve completely changed the game in terms of just the Tamanna eye, for example, you are famous for it. We all have the Tamanna eye today as women around the world. 

That’s hilarious. Thank you. 

Absolutely. So I want to ask you something that a lot of people probably don’t think about asking people in the beauty industry. But I think this is more important in your industry than probably any other than perhaps the entertainment business, and that is that, in your opinion, the idea of being able to communicate effectively with your community of fans as well as your client of fans is extremely important as the person that’s the face of your brand, as well as the fact that you are an owner, you’re a businesswoman of the company that the brand goes out in. 

So what is your opinion in terms of the idea of being able to communicate effectively to your community of fans and to your community of clients with those two roles, business owner as well as the brand ambassador? 

I think it’s two fold. I feel like, first of all, being able to engage and regularly communicate with your fan base builds a relationship with you on a very personal level. It can build then that relationship with the brand that you are carrying and that you’re creating, especially since people can relate to a human being a lot easier than relating to the idea of a brand or a larger entity. So with that, people can grow to love and respect you, and that correlates with the type of brand support you can expect from those loyal fan base that you’ve built. And then on the other hand, with social media, for example, building that social media presence requires you to be steadily and consistently communicating with those followers. And that will grow your social media presence, that will grow your engagement on your post and your performance on your posts, which will in turn grow your following. So I think those are the two biggest things when it comes to the importance of being able to openly communicate with your followers and showing your face once in a while to to have that type of personal connection with your audience. 

And that’s really changed the game, that ideology of holistic leadership. So this is not like a corporate leadership stance. It’s a very holistic. 

I like that term: Holistic leadership. Yeah.

I love that you like that because The Open Chest® Confidence Academy, which we soft launched last month — the entire concept behind it is holistic leadership and advocacy. And being able to provide people with a three-step success concept, which starts with the knowledge piece, then goes into the execution piece. Because without action, the knowledge means nothing, as you need to be able to action the knowledge. And then from the knowledge, a lot of people, when they get stuck in that space where they go from knowledge to action, and then they kind of aren’t motivated to know how to then take it to the next level to benefit their lives, be it professional or personal. 

So I always felt, having worked with a lot of C-suite executives, entrepreneurs like yourself, I’ve always noticed that the piece that’s been missing and makes the difference is the accountability piece. 

So, you know, understanding that I think is really important in understanding how to ensure that the ecosystem that you build as a business is predicated on some of these things. So, again, for people out there who are listening or maybe who have just joined us, we are talking to the fabulous Tamanna Roashan. She is the founder of DressYourFace, an incredible education-centric online portal and platform. She has an incredible ecosystem of clients, fans and followers that rely on her to be able to educate them on beauty, on hair and just about holistic living. This is something you do. This is a big part of what you do, Tam. I mean, you let people in behind the curtain of your life and that’s also a big piece of what we talk about here and why I decided that I wanted to launch this show, ‘The Transform Your Confidence Show.

I wanted to give people the opportunity to not just look at the academic piece of what they need to learn in business, but look at brands and businesses and look at experts out there who are actually doing it, but also incorporating it as part of their life. ~Raj Girn

And you do this. You are one of those people that you can always rely on being there to educate, to motivate, to elevate, to ensure that people are getting the value that they are coming to you for. But also feeling like “I know this woman. I know who she is. She shares her entire life with us.” And this is what I define as holistic leadership. And this is something that you’ve been doing since the beginning. 

It’s just been a part of the whole journey for me before it became a thing. And I started before social media was a huge thing and I think that was a great opportunity for me to utilize that traditional method of growing a business outside of the online community, and then using those skill sets to then kind of re-adapt it into this online community and bringing them in. 

And I think because I did start very organically like that, the people that have built the relationship with me from the beginning, have become so close to me that I feel like it’s just very natural for me to let them in all the way. And you have to read the room, right? Like you have to know what they want to know. You need to know when to stop or when to give more. And I feel like that’s one of my strengths. I kind of know what they need because I overly communicate with them and I know what they want. 

And I take their suggestions to heart, and I give them whatever they want. They want my family. I’ll give them my family. They want more makeup. I give them that. Whatever it is that they’re looking for. That’s what I want to provide on my platform. 

Credit: IG @DressYourFace

And I actually want to bring attention to a point there that you just shared, that I want to make sure people don’t miss it. And that is that communication is not just about what you put out there. It’s about what you’re listening and hearing that’s coming back to you. Communication is a two-way street. And it’s clear that this is something that people like you do, who have grown organizations without venture capitalists help, without all of the traditional ways of growing businesses.

You’ve grown it from the ground level up. And I feel very much that the strength of what you’ve built has been a lot to do with you understand that effective communications as a leader is a two-way street. It is you listening. And for other people who are part of your ecosystem, telling you and feeling comfortable to share what it is that they want to hear from you, what they want to get from you. It’s so important that people understand that, and they get that the defining difference between being someone that communicates and being someone that is an effective, leadership-centric communicator is that they understand that equally important, if not more, is listening to what your community is saying to you. And you have done that better than most, sweetheart, you really have. 

Thank you. Thank you. 

Absolutely. So this actually brings me to my next question Tam. I want to kind of dive a little bit into your ecosystem when it comes to your fans, your followers and your clients. You have a fan community on Instagram like no other. I mean, they are roaring fans of yours. And you also have a very robust client community on your membership website as well, where you do a lot of your work is your subscription based education. Why do you have these two different places?

Because a lot of people are understanding they need to do this now because anything can happen with social media and all of a sudden your business is gone. This has been something I feel that you’ve known from the get go and it shows that you are a really effective, innovative leader, that you understand that you need to exist in both places, on and off social media. Talk about that a little bit because you’ve done that from the get go. 

Yeah, I mean, I had to because there was no real social media, there wasn’t a way to monetize social media at the time and there wasn’t social media when I started. I mean, I think it was like Friendster and MySpace and no one was monetizing that at all. That`s how it came to Facebook, that’s when everything kind of started and blew up. So, I mean, here’s the thing. If you don’t have a separate website, a separate platform, aside from your social media group, let’s say even if you make all of your money on social media, which I basically do, I am migrating them from social media to these other platforms. 

And the reason why that’s so important is, I mean, one, first of all, is what you just said. Social media isn’t going to be around forever. Things are constantly changing. Algorithms change. Sometimes it’s just a pure fail of a month, and sometimes it’s just incredible. You just don’t know how it’s going to be. When you have your own platform you now own all the information on your platform. On Instagram, yes you have your insights. Yes. You have an amazing way to communicate with your audience, with your potential clients. I definitely use Instagram for most of mine, well, almost all of my communication because I hear back and I’m able to post polls and questions and all that stuff. But I know nothing about my fan base and my clients except for what’s written on insights. 

In order to own the emails and effectively communicate off Instagram and to convert your followers into clients, and effectively communicate in that sense, you need to have their emails and you need to own all that information. And by doing that and by having your own website, you’re able to do that. You own nothing on Instagram. So that was the biggest thing for me to build my own platform. My platform is a tutorial platform, and a lot of people, a lot of naysayers were like, what are you doing? There is YouTube. Just go on YouTube, it’s free. And then earn money on ad revenue and sponsorships. And I’m just like, but do you own the emails? No. Do you have any information as to who your clients are? You’re just relying on your views to move your clients onto whatever website you’re working on.

Let me just have my own website and control over my audience and have a safe place for me to build my world, regardless of what’s happening in the online world.

And those people that line up on your website as your clients are the most loyal people. That’s the niche, that’s like that the golden group that you can always rely on and that’s going to stay loyal. ~Tamanna Roashan 

And without having that email communication, without having that information, that very valuable information, you’re not going to be able to grow your business. 

So smart, sweetheart. I mean, you are so smart. It’s one of the many reasons, other than the fact that you are just incredibly talented and diverse with your talent and very giving with your talent. You’re a smart businesswoman. I mean, a lot of people are looking at trying to see how are they going to convert their social media people, that they realize now they don’t own them, they don’t have any power over them. And if these platforms all of a sudden decided to change an algorithm or whatever, all of a sudden their engagement changes drastically. You know this, you`ve been in the game. You are a social media grandma, you’ve been there since day one. 

So let’s talk a little bit about that. I mean, a lot of people also, when they’re trying to build a business, don’t know the difference between fans and clients. Do you communicate differently with fans on your social media versus your clients on your website platform? Can you give us some insight there? 

Sure. I mean, I think it’s a little bit different, depending on what business you’re in and what role you in, or who you are as a person. Me, we talked about this, I’m very down to earth. I’m a person that people can relate to. I kind of I get on your level and I use Instagram to communicate with both groups because Instagram is where I do all my marketing. So I know that 99 per cent of my client base are my Instagram followers or people who have seen my Instagram posts. So I communicate in a personal, informal way.

I love to treat my fans and clients as if they are an extended part of my family. I really let them in, which is what we talked about originally. And we built a very unique relationship. As an educator, I have earned their respect. They see me in a high regard, but I can also be seen as their bff that they can just have access to 24/7. They can just hop onto Instagram, see my stories and literally hang out with me throughout my day. 

So we have this really, really beautifully blended relationship based on the type of communication that I do when it comes to promoting something. Let’s say business wise, when I’m putting out makeup tutorials and sometimes flyers if there’s a sale, but I don’t keep those up. But I’m doing a lot of educational posts and then I’ll throw in a sprinkle of my family, a sprinkle of the love and the joy and the feels. And that brings the community really close because they can relate to that kind of stuff. 

For me, communication is really about balancing those two roles that I play in their life and communicating enough in both ways to not lose one over the other. Because we have to remember, not everyone is a client, right? If everyone was a client I would not be just, like, sitting here. I’d be on top of the world on some private plane chatting with you. But the bottom line is that balance is really what keeps the other part of it alive. And works together, and I think for a lot of people who are in my shoes as an influencer-turned-business mogul, it’s important to keep both and not forget about that personal part of your life. 

But it’s different if you’re not an influencer. If you are just a brand owner, you may want to communicate on a little bit of a less personal level, but still being able to collect data and information from your followers by asking questions and things like that. 

Right. But I think there’s another layer to who you are in the public eye as well in addition to all of this. And you’re also a content provider, like you provide people with a lot of knowledge and content. Even if a person hasn’t come to your website and become one of your clients, there’s a huge focus and emphasis online on your Instagram, where you give, even people who aren’t clients, you just give everyone so much. This is great. And a lot of people feel that, well, if I’m giving so much for free, then why would people come to me for the things that I do that require payment? 

And my ideology has always been that the high touch one-on-one accountability piece, action piece of wanting to become an educator or wanting to learn more is more than watching someone do it. And this is where looking at your videos on your Instagram versus actually learning from you step by step are two very different scenarios in terms of how people work with you and relate to you and are invested in you. 

So I love that you’re one of those businesses and those personalities that really do kind of share a lot and give a lot of your knowledge for people, because at the end of the day, what I’ve learned is the more you give, the more people want to be a part of your ecosystem. 

That is what it is. I mean, ultimately, it boils down to that. Originally I have always just kind of been a box of information, and constantly just spinning out educational posts and inspirational posts. And like I said, I have to remember, not every follower is a client. Some followers, maybe they don’t want to pay, maybe they can’t pay. Maybe they just need that outlet. They need someone to look at and to learn from and to maybe escape from their own situation at home or in their life. And I want to be that person. I want that page where people can come and constantly grow in their mind or in their own skill set or whatever it is. And I want my information to be attainable and be able to provide to everyone, regardless of if they’re paying or not.

And that’s one of the reasons why even on my paid site, there’s a whole page of free full-length classes, unedited, that they can access my actual classes from A to Z. There’s ten classes there. Each class two hours long. That’s 20 hours of learning. Some people may not want to do that because they’re like, “well, then what is there to buy?” You basically learn everything from your classes.

But don’t you have so much.

Yeah. Yeah, I have so much to give. And mind you, like 20 years of experience you’re not going to learn in 20 hours. You’re going to learn a lot in 20 hours because every class is so jam packed with information. But that’s the other thing about it. Watching one class, you’re not gonna absorb everything. And there’s so many looks and there’s so many trends that are continuously evolving. And I want to be able to show all that. And people who then see my class want to learn more and want to go to that next step. And they’re like, “holy crap, like, she is a good communicator. She can teach in a way that I can grasp. I think I want to be a member.”

And that’s what turns into sales ultimately. And they say, you know, the more you give, the more you receive. Obviously, you don’t want to go in with that mindset. And I’m a very spiritual person. I don’t go into things thinking that, “oh, I’m going to get ten times more out of it if I just give.” No, I give because I wholeheartedly want to give. I want to help the community. I want to elevate the community. I know that it’s not going to hurt me. And then in turn, karma comes back and elevates your business.

I give because I wholeheartedly want to give. I want to help the community. I want to elevate the community. I know that it’s not going to hurt me. And then in turn, karma comes back and elevates your business. –Tamanna Roashan

Right, and that’s the key here that a lot of people have this kind of scarcity mindset where they feel that oh my God, if I give everything, they’re not going to come to me. But I think a true leader, a true expert, understands that it’s a cultivating relationship. It’s like when you go to learn spirituality from a guru, you can sit there for 10 hours and get 10 hours of time from them. But it’s that continuous long term relationship with them where the true value is. And this is why working with you in your membership site, in that ecosystem, is so valuable for people that take, you know, learning about beauty and makeup seriously. 

If you’re serious, this is when people need to be a part of your world long term and really be able to deep dive in. And what I love about you, Tam, is that you understand that there’s those people who want to know the before and after and they want to know a little bit and they just love that part of it. And those are your fans, those are people that follow you, right? But then there are people that really take it serious, that they truly understand that you are exceptional at what you do and they just want to really be a part of your world long term. And that’s the big difference here, that people need to kind of see where they want to fit in. And I know because I know you personally, you’re fine with either. 

Yeah. I mean, I’m happy to be a place of inspiration or I’m happy to be your actual mentor. 


Yeah, exactly. And I’m like I said, I’m okay with both. People having their own needs and I’m here for them either way. 

Absolutely. Here here to that sweetheart. Holistic leadership, that’s what it’s all about, right? God knows we need it, especially after the year we’ve had and the year we still having, right? So let me ask you this. For those who are aspiring entrepreneurs, what are three steps that you would tell them that are the most important to implement to ensure that they are building the foundation of their brand and company strong from the ground level up? 

I mean once you know what business you’re getting into, once you have an idea or you’ve figured out a solution to a problem or whatever your idea is, I think it’s important to understand your niche, to understand who your audience is and really study them. I think it’s also very important to have a niche. It is very easy to create something for everyone. The idea of it is very easy, right? But it’s very hard to get a piece of the pie when there’s so much of a broad spectrum of products that fit that exact same thing, or so many people that can use the exact same thing. And there’s all sorts of competition or whatever. You’re a small fish in a big sea in that way. 

When you choose a niche or when you know what niche you’re already dominating in, like for me for example, I’m the South Asian influencer. That’s how I started off and I knew my niche. I knew that my people like drama. They love that Bollywood glam. They love the Arabian eye. They love that Middle Eastern flair. Those are the people that I need to focus on. I dominated in that category. I was literally one of the very first in that category. And I maintained that presence, even though now there are so many. And I did pave the way for a lot of these people. And a lot of them have credited me for that. And I think that’s a beautiful thing. 


Knowing your niche, understanding where you can dominate and take advantage of the fact that you are probably one of a few that can really give an advantage to this group of people. -Tamanna Roashan

I think the next thing is, of course, building your social media presence. I`ve been the social media queen and I feel like that’s one of the biggest pieces of building a proper empire in this day and age. If you are not on social media, you might as well not exist. And that’s the heart and the truth. 


It’s important to grow on social. And I’m sure you guys noticed too several years back when all these classic beauty brands like Lancôme and Maybelline, Estee Lauder, all these brands that were like used by our mothers and grandmothers, all of a sudden had to speed up and get on social media. And they’ve done amazing. These brands have done amazing. But in the beginning, there was a huge disconnect because they just didn’t know what kind of content to put out and what this generation would be interested in. So it’s very important to understand that. And I think nowadays people do get it. I mean, it’s been around long enough where you kind of know what could work and what may not work for social media purposes. But basically, build your social media. Create posts that have meaning and that can resonate with that niche audience that you are targeting. So it’s not really about creating posts that everyone can relate to. Focus on that targeted audience that is going to be your ideal customer for your brand and speak to them, because that’s what’s going to translate to sales ultimately. And the third thing I would say is be consistent and engage. 

Right. Oh, my gosh. 

That’s communication with them. 


And that’s what’s going to grow not only your brand and your business, but your social media presence, which can in turn become one of the biggest marketing tools you have. And it’s free marketing. So there’s so many benefits to doing those three things together. 

Credit: IG @dressyourface

Absolutely. You heard it right here, guys. I hope you have a pen and paper. If not, I want you to rewind this back and I want you to stop it. And I want you to write down the three points. You just heard it from a lady who has grown her business from nothing to what it is today. She dominates, as you guys know, as the number one beauty educator in the world today. It’s the truth, sweetheart. I mean, what does it feel like when you hear that? Because you work, you constantly work, you work hard, you always connecting with your clients, with your followers. Do you take a moment to just smell the roses and realize what you’ve actually built? 

You know, what’s funny, is that COVID force me to really reflect. And I think a lot of us have felt this way in 2020. Like along with all the hardships and the crap that we’ve had to endure this past year, I feel like a lot of us have a whole new level of appreciation for what we do have and we are able to slow down and really reflect on the journey. 

And that is exactly what I did, I really took this time. I mean, I have this online business which maintains its steadiness throughout COVID because it is an online business. Thank God for that. But, half of my business was completely on hold. I couldn’t do master classes anymore, I couldn’t touch clients anymore, see anyone in person, and that hurts my soul not having that physical connection, that face to face connection with the people who have supported me. 


So it was important for me to kind of look back at those moments and not just focus on now. But I did a lot of reflecting. And I think that that’s what really inspires me to continue doing exactly what I’m doing. And even with my husband, there are a lot of moments where we just look at each other like, “holy crap, did we really just do this?”

Like, my husband is my partner. He’s been my rock throughout the whole thing. And even though I’m the one that’s hands on and constantly in your face. He’s the one that really I bounce off ideas with. And he helps me to manage all the load. And we sit back and we’re constantly just so grateful. I mean, not just for the whole business thing, but being grateful for having a family and being able to be together during COVID and during all these crazy times and really just be appreciative of every little thing. 

And knowing that we still have this connection with our audience where we can still provide that safe space on my page, that space where you can feel really inspired and happy and positive, where I know that people are going through such hard times in their life right now. And even though we felt like we were hit really hard by COVID with half of our business not happening, there are people who have it a billion times worse and being a place where they can come to forget about their issues or even finding solutions to their issues. And a lot of it is just right here. Your mindset. 


I’ve been focusing a lot on that this past year on my social media, with setting that example of being that person that can block out the negativity or use the bad things to then turn into an opportunity to create good in your life. And so a lot of people have been telling me that lately, that they’ve been coming to my page for that inspiration, for that positive note and leaving more happy. 

And there it is again. It’s all over today’s episode folks, holistic leadership and advocacy. You are a testament to that. And when we started the conversation, you said, “oh, my God, I love that.” But it’s what you’ve been doing with your career and your personal life the whole time. This is who you are. 

And these are the types of leaders, folks, that are going to change our society, that are going to elevate the way that we think about our lives and each other. And this connection that keeps going throughout this conversation that I’m having with Tam. Connection, connection, connection, communication, two way street, reflecting on your life, looking at how it compares to what’s happening out there in the world. These are important things that we need to look at because these are the things that are going to help us together, weather the storm. Right Tam? 

100 per cent. And knowing what they need from you. 


I can’t just be shoving sales down people’s throats. I’m still obviously promoting, this is my bread and butter, and I have to do it to survive. I’m being very sensitive to their needs and I’m being that source that people can come to fulfill their needs without having to pay, without having to bend over backwards for it. So understanding what’s needed at the right time. We’re all in this very strange age and maybe some people just don’t know how to adjust their communication or their output to better reflect what people need. But I’m just going to say it. They don’t need that in your throat advertising right now. 

They don’t need that crazy, like that pressure, that social pressure or any of that.

“People need a place to vent. They need a place to unload. Maybe they need a place to be inspired again, or to escape. So just know what role you play and provide that to them.” ~Tamanna Roashan

Absolutely. And this actually brings another question to my mind, Tam. Are there any don’t dos you would like to share with our audience when it comes to engagement strategies online between the service providers and the potential customer? You’ve just finished saying that, don`t be over salesy. What have you learned, maybe perhaps through your journey or even things that you see that are happening out there, that for you are like nonos?

I mean, again, it does depend on what avenue you’re in, but I think the biggest thing when it comes to online engaging, first of all to do, you definitely want to create posts that resonate, create posts that have meaning, that can inspire. There are two big types of posts that really resonate with people. One is educational, where they can gain something out of it and one is inspirational where they can feel something out of it. It’s okay to post things that are just silly too. Like it’s okay to do that if that’s what works for your brand. But to have enough very, very valuable information on your page is really what’s going to retain that loyal audience so that they can continue to come back and hit that follow button, and actually be a part of your online life. And know what’s appropriate for your page. And I just talked about that too. Like read the room. Know what they need from you and giving them what they need.

“There’s two big types of posts that really resonate with people. One is educational, where they can gain something out of it, and one is inspirational, where they can feel something out of it.” –Tamanna Roashan

And of course, when it comes to advertising, like I said, I’m still advertising. I’m doing all that stuff. But as soon as it is over, I’m deleting all those posts because I don’t need that to stay in your face. A lot of people email me, like, a lot of brands let’s say, they email me to do ads for them as an influencer and they want me to do ads, do shout outs. And I literally will only pick out maybe a hundred emails I will pick one that I might respond to get to the next step. And even then, even a smaller percentage is actually going to wind up on my page because I have to maintain that trust with my audience, right? So for me, the big don’t is to just accept all sorts of stuff, to be on your page and let them all live on your page.

I want my page to be beautiful and inspirational, not just esthetically, but the content behind it. And when I’m doing an ad or when I’m talking about one of my products or someone else’s products, it’s really got to mean something to me. And it’s got to have a history with me, like a personal connection so that when I talk about it, I’m being 100 per cent honest. And my readers and my viewers, they see that, they see how organic I am about who I choose to talk about and not talk about. And they trust that and they go for that.

And that’s what makes my post convert into even more sales. But, when it comes to like as a brand dos and don’ts, I feel . . . And here’s one that’s like a little cringe, okay? If you’re a brand, especially when you’re still building your brand presence and your personality, there has been a lot of times, especially now, people are very sensitive to stuff and people are seeing enough negativity out there that they don’t want or need to see it on your page. I’ve seen so many instances where companies have lashed out at a certain situation. Let’s say another brand has stolen your idea or another person has copied your whatever it is. But you’re putting it out to the public, and like “So and so did this. Please report this page or please do this.” Don’t get to that level. That is so unbelievably petty unless you are just like an influencer. And you’re just a person. It is what it is. But even then, I stay away from things like that.

When you’re a brand, you have to maintain that respect factor and that professionalism. So to bring in negative things into your page only draws more attention to the negative. And it makes you look very weak as a business owner or as a page manager. So stay away from that kind of stuff. 

That’s a big one, Tam. 

It is big. And a lot of people don’t talk about that because it’s not really business related, but it is because it can hurt you. And people have, like I said, become so sensitive during the pandemic that they just lash out at any moment. And it’s important to take that step back and realize that this is not appropriate for your page as a brand owner. So that’s one thing that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately that is just, again, so cringe. I wish I could just jump out and be like, “Stop. Erase this right now. It’s not worth it.”


Another thing is filling up your page with just nonsense or too much of one thing. So, if you are, let’s say, a lifestyle brand, it makes sense to post quotes and to post people and things lifestyle related. It’s a vibe. If you are a makeup brand or whatever product brand, it may not make sense to constantly post irrelevant quotes and memes and things like that, even though you think it’s going to get likes and it’s going to get engagement because it’s so funny. And even if it does get engagement and likes, are those likes going to actually translate to sales for your brand? No. Is it going to translate to followers? No. Because you’re a brand page, you’re not a meme page or an inspirational page.

So you have to focus on your brand and what’s appropriate for your brand. And if once in a while you want to mix it up and have some fun, that’s fine, if you’re looking to see what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. But nine out of 10 times, that just means you’re about to post is really just going to be a fun, high engage post, which is not going to equate to sales. 

And it also diffuses the message of your brand. Like people aren’t quite sure what you are about, right?



Stay away from those kind of things.

Focus on your brand and focus on your niche, focus on your message and get the point across in meaningful ways. –Tamanna Roashan

Absolutely. Folks, you heard it right here. I mean, I don’t know about you, but mentally, I’ve been scribbling down so many of these insights. These are tried and tested, experience-oriented, actionable knowledge pieces that you can really take to the table. I mean these are some of the reasons why Tam and DressYourFace is such a successful brand out there.

So think about that guys, just take a look at what Tam just talked about throughout this entire conversation that we had. Also go to her brand page on Instagram, @DressYourFace, you’ll see that everything she’s talking about is, in fact, what she does. Everything has a purpose, has a meaning and has an objective. And I think that that’s the key difference between people who just have pages and people whose pages are businesses. Right Tam? 

Yeah, absolutely. 

So for anyone out there, as we get ready to close out, who after all this information still don’t understand how important communicating effectively is as a leader, as a business owner, even in your personal life guys. Let’s face it we need to be able to know how to communicate and what our intention is with our communications, because our relationships needs to be the center focus of everything that is a part of our value system and what we believe in. Tam, I need to ask you, based on that, what would you say to people who are not getting it, like in terms of how important it is to be able to effectively communicate as part of the strategy of their personal and professional life? 

I think the number one thing that’s stopping them from really understanding. . . Like they can get it, they can see our interview, they can write the notes, all the information’s right in front and then they can Google it. And there’s plenty of blogs about this, too, right? I think the thing that’s stopping it from actually coming to fruition for them is their own mind blocks. And this is something that I would like to end this talk on, because I can keep feeding you all the knowledge in the world. Raj, you can continue being the best mentor to these people. But if their mindset is what’s blocking them from attaining that level of success that they are yearning for, they are not going to get there. 

We need to be able to know how to communicate and what our intention is with our communications, because our relationships needs to be the center focus of everything that is a part of our value system and what we believe in.” –Raj Girn

And it’s not that they just don’t get it. It’s that they’re not allowing themselves to make it happen for them. A lot of the people that I talk to, a lot of the students that I talk to, have literally told me “I know this and I know that. But how come it’s just not happening for me?” And it’s because your mental block is stopping you from your potential. You’re telling yourself, but you can’t do this. Maybe someone else is also telling you that you can do that and you’re keeping it in the back of your head that maybe I can’t do that. And you have to remember that if someone is telling you that you can’t do something that is about them, it is not about you. That’s because they can’t do it. It’s because they tried to do it and they couldn’t do it and they can’t see that you are going to do it.

Even our loved ones, even our own family members, can be that person unknowingly. They can be projecting their own insecurities and their own failures onto you, even though you have not even started on that same path that they’ve gone on. So don’t take their words personally. It’s 100 per cent just about them and their lived experiences or their non-lived experiences. And you focus on your goals, building your road, paving your way, making it happen for yourself.

Credit: IG @DressYourFace

Use me as an example. I had everyone on YouTube and all my friends telling me, don’t go on and create your own online platform for tutorial, no one is going to pay for it. There’s YouTube. But I knew my worth. I knew I had a dream, a goal, and I wanted to achieve it. And I did. I was the first to do it that way and it lasted. So many others have come in and learnt from it and figured it out. Maybe it doesn’t work for them. Maybe they have a different type of client. Maybe it did work for them. 

In terms of the mindset needed to make sure that you don’t listen to the naysayers and that you stay on track with your vision, you finished telling us that some of your clients or some people that you speak to say, “Look, I’ve got the knowledge, but I just can’t seem to be able to action it.” And you said something very, very valuable. It has to do with a shift that you need to make in your mind. So based on that, what would you say to people who are having a challenge with making that shift? What would you say then that maybe they should think about?

One thing that helped me shift my mindset and become more positive instead of allowing all that negative feedback to block my head is actually visualizing the words. And I know this sounds so weird and corny, but when you visualize everything and then visualize a shield, like your protective shield, nothing can penetrate through that. I have my own light. I don’t need to find my light anywhere else. I don’t need something else to fuel me. Everything I need is right here in my protective bubble and everything that wants to spew out me at me will just be blocked right off. If you have that kind of like a mental picture, it’s a lot easier to then think that way. So I’m very into visualization.

A lot of people are into manifestation. When you’re speaking out into the universe, you speak something into truth. This will happen for me. I will become successful. This product will be sold. This product will be recognized as one of the best in this market. I just have to make sure that I stand by it and I continue to evolve it if I need to. Be flexible also to shift as needed, but understand that your mental space is the number one thing that’s either going to catapult you to success or block you from ever attaining it. So that visualization is really what ultimately helped me. If I can help you, I would give it a try. Anything it takes. Buy books about it. Read more blog posts about it. Surround yourself with positive information. And you just start to become that person. You live up to that truth.

Absolutely. And the thing is that we’re all born the same way and we all die the same way. And this is such a cliche, but it’s the truth Tam. And that’s the thing that people seem to forget. They always seem to want to be able to find that kind of magic answer to life when it’s always the same thing. It’s how you action and put effort into building the life that you want to live. And this is a part of what you’re saying. There are so many different exercises out there to accomplish that. This isn’t new. 

There is nothing that you’re looking for that hasn’t already been found by someone out there throughout the ages, throughout the world, throughout doctrine’s, throughout different ecosystems and ideologies out there. If you are trying to find a way to get over your roadblock, just like Tam said, she has her manifestations and the visualizations, which is the key focus for her. 

If that’s not you and you’re looking for a different way to be able to do what you need to be able to pull yourself out of the mind, excuse my language, f*** that you’re in. It’s there already. Someone’s already come up with that solution. You need to put the effort into your own life and go out there and find the solution.

No one will find it for you. No one has your best interest except for you. And everyone has their own things that they are dealing with. No one is going to sit down and be like “here, this is what you need to do and let’s hold your hand through it.” You have to man up and do it. 

Yeah, absolutely.

Sorry, don`t man up. Woman up and do it. 

Woman up and do it. ~Tamanna Roashan

Woman up and do it, because that’s the whole other type of a different ball game. 

That’s a very different journey of elevation because there’s so many ways that we have had our minds shut off of as women throughout society, throughout all the different ways that we’ve been asked to live in a box that isn’t right for us to live in. So here here to that, Tam.

Tam, you are absolutely sensational. It’s clear why you’ve been able to build an entire global ecosystem around your ideology and your belief system. You are true and authentic to what you believe in, behind the curtain, in front of the curtain, you’re the same person. I can attest to that because I’ve seen you in both places. The whole world has seen you in both places. This is not something that’s elite, just for the few. Tam is out there communicating with people all the time. Probably one of the best entrepreneurs I know out there in the world that communicates consistently and authentically, folks.

She is the one to follow. At DressYourFace you got to go check her out. And I’m not just saying that, I’m not blowing your whistle, sweetheart. I truly believe in the words I say. I never say anything that I don’t believe in. And I take what I share and who I bring on very, very seriously, because there are a lot of people out there Tam, that need help right now at this moment in time, at this moment in history. 

And that’s what people like you, leaders like you, are important to be able to step into that role, to be able to inspire and motivate as you yourself, as you said earlier on, looking back and reflecting on your journey and looking at where you’re at right now and knowing and having faith in. And I’m not putting words in your mouth, I know you believe in this, having the faith that what is to be is going to be better, am I right? 

100 per cent. 


Faith, trust and just knowing that it’s not always about the destination. It’s about the journey. And I know that sounds so cliche, but that’s so true. 

It is. It is. Because you can’t really get to the destination if you’re not planning on taking the trek down that journey. Right girl? 

100 per cent. 

Absolutely. Thank you so, so much for your time, sweetheart. I really, really appreciate it. Like everything that you’ve said, like I’m going to rewind this, write it all down as well, to be very honest. Thank you so, so much for coming on the show. And you know you’re coming back on. We’re going to be deep diving into the whole other conversation and it’s going to happen. Thank you, sweetheart. I really appreciate it. 

Thanks for having me. 

Bye, darling. 


Thank you so much for staying till the end. I really hope you enjoyed the show. Before you leave. I would love for your support by subscribing to my show and letting everyone, you know, know about it and have them come take a listen. I would sincerely appreciate you joining me at LinkedInFacebookInstagram and YouTube search Raj Girn and The Open Chest® Confidence Academy. Until next week. I hope you continue to cultivate your own ecosystem so that everyone in and around it is empowered by your mission to elevate them all. See you next week.

To Contact Tamanna Roashan: Instagram @dressyourface

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