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How Conscious Accountability Is the Key to Leadership Success, With David Tate

Raj Girn: My guest today is David Tate, a licensed clinical psychologist who is also an executive coach and an organizational consultant. Here’s a bit about him before we say hello. He is the co-founder and CEO of Conscious Growth Partners, a consultancy firm that promotes organizational thriving through optimal leadership, teamwork and corporate culture. […]

Part 4: Leadership Communication Is All In The Mind With Joya Dass

Raj Girn: Hi, everyone, and welcome to ‘The Transform Your Confidence Show.’ Today is the last part of a four-part series called Leadership Communication is All in Your Mind. Along with my guests, all of whom have been founders and CEOs, we have shared insights on how leaders should incorporate effective communications to get optimal buy-in […]

Part 2: Leadership Communication Is All In The Mind With Tamanna Roashan

Raj Girn: Meet Tamanna Roashan, the globally renowned beauty educator and founder of the Dress Your Face Empire. She is the single most sought-after international beauty educator in the world, as the founder of the world’s first and the number one most subscribed to live online makeup and hair school Here, she has changed […]

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