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Open Chest Newsletter: Why do people resonate towards me when they don’t know me?

“Selling isn’t about how good you are at your skill. It’s about how great you are at communicating the outcome your skill provides.” ~ Raj Girn, Confidence Coach, Consultant & Mentor | Founder, The Open Chest® Confidence Academy

Hi Friend,

There is this notion in the professional arena that people (clients/potential clients) will pay more to hire people with lots of education (degrees) and credentials (certifications), than those without. If that was true, then university professors would be the richest people in the world today. We know that not to be true.

People also think that those same people would pay more for people with decades of experience. Nope, that’s also a fallacy, otherwise the retired generation would be making more money than those actively in the workforce, due to a demand for their lived experience, but very few people look to them to help them get ahead. Personally, I’ve found them to be a bigger knowledge and strategy resource than Millennials and Gen-Xers, and at par with the Zoomers, but that’s a whole other article, which I’ll do in the future, to explain my “why” on this. 

So why do people buy from some people over others?

Speaking only from experience and from examining other sales stalwarts also, there’s more to selling than creating complicated sales pitches, impressive looking ppt presentations, and enticing lead magnets. These are just attention grabbing gimmicks, not the real sell. If this is you, dousing the meat of your offering with the smoke and mirrors method, then you are in the majority. This was me for 2 decades guys, pitching and grinding hard to sell, sell, sell. Just like most of us, I focused on pretty fonts, mesmerizing photos, and complicated datapoints, because let’s face it, if there’s lots of info on the page, it’s gotta mean that the presenter knows their shit right? WRONG!

Oh, and for the record, the above method got me a sales of 15-25% close rate – which is better than the norm, at 3-10%.

Even with my above average close rate, think about it guys, I would have to pitch, present, etc., 100 prospects in order to land 15-25 conversions. That’s 2 months of full-time, straight pitch presentations with a close rate of 7-12 clients per month. If these are high price point clients, then great, but if not, then we have a problem Houston!

Today, I spend a third of the time to get triple the conversions by making one, small, but hugely impactful change in my prospecting.

Before I go into that, let me preface that in my 30 years of been in the sales game (hospitality, health, media/events, coaching/consulting/mentoring), the greatest proportionate success in sales conversions for me has been in this academy, by making this one change, and to note, this business has only been in existence for just over a year. Others I’ve been involved in have decades on them. The reason for this – outside of having already tried everything else, so let’s not ignore that – is this . . .

I have set a mission and mandate for the academy that it should only work with prospects who we can meet them where they’re at, because only then can we bring them to their promised land THROUGH US

So what does this mean? What’s the big, game-changing strategy here?

It’s not big, it’s HUGE . . . in a word: COMMUNICATION. In two words: EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

So, our simple ONE GOAL sales strategy, is to decipher where our prospects are in their professional journey and where they need to go, then bridge that gap through communicating exactly what THEY need. Unlike others in the marketplace, we don’t lead with all of our accolades (although they have a role to play and I’ll go over that in a future article), but rather, with their outcomes (the outcomes of what we can achieve for them, that is).

These can be anything from that one missing piece they weren’t able to figure out, to a fully, executable road map.  

So what am I saying here?

That what a prospect needs, isn’t the same for everyone, so all those “one size fits all” plug and play courses people are peddling today, rarely garner success for the whole, so the goal in sales should be to understand the prospects unique problem and eliminate it.

Success (from my experience of having done sales for a long time), is to provide a one-on-one/group interaction exchange opportunity (effective communications model) that encourages alignment of all stakeholders to the required, desired results; therefore, a full throttle effort towards accomplishing it by everyone.

One mission. One collective team effort. 

Duly, because my focus has shifted from playing a numbers game (how many people need to see my pitch for me to convert), to creating a life line that reaches out only to those who need it, I have seen an automatic increase in sales conversion that the communication centric model is what closes the deal.

If this is something that you struggle with, then I invite you to book a free discovery call with me and let’s see if I can help you, help you!

And for those of you who aren’t bought in yet, I know there’s a big mindset shift to be accomplished here, especially for those of us who are not trained to look at opportunities that reside outside of conventional wisdom. So my advice to you if that’s you, is to take a leap of faith and open your mind to look beyond your conditioning, and expand your horizons – my team and I can help you do that to meet you where you are and to assist in taking you to where you so desperately need to go!  

>>> We have worked with over 5,000 brands over a span of 20 years in the branding, communications, media, and marketing space, so you’re in great hands when you’re ready to leap forward with your professional and/or personal goals <<<

At THE OPEN CHEST CONFIDENCE ACADEMY, we focus on 3 ways to accomplish this:

– Coaching, Consulting, and Mentoring: To work with me directly, one-on-one virtually, towards specific goals and objectives.

– Team Retainers: To work with me and my team virtually (especially suited to solopreneurs or small businesses, as we act as your team to support you where its most needed until you’re able to hire an in-house team).

– Media Services: To work with my extended team to create your brand, communications, media, and marketing assets to build your authority roadmap (branding assets, podcast production, digital course production, media training & placements, speaking engagements, and much more).

My team and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you when you’re ready! And if that’s now, book a FREE discovery call HERE so we can figure out the best course of action for you in the short (1-3 months), medium (1-6 months), and long term (up to 12 months).

If you just have a question or two, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Oh, and don’t forget to scroll down to access 2 free podcast trainings at The Transform Your Confidence Show HERE and HERE.

And finally, I’d like to sincerely thank you so much for hanging out with me here. I sincerely hope I bring some value into your world and if I do, show me some love by following me @RajGirn on my socials at LinkedInFacebookInstagramClubhouseTikTok, and YouTube.

Until next week, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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