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Media & Communications: Do I Really Need Media Exposure To Get Clients?

“The main artery to client loyalty is showing them that you are there for their gain.” ~ Raj Girn, Founder, The Open Chest® Confidence Academy

Hi Friend,

I have a question for you . . .

Do you prefer companies to tell you why they are important or why you are important?

The latter right?

Then think about how important your messaging is when you reach out to them in-person, on the phone, on a zoom call, via email, or on social media. Oh, and even in your ads, because to stand out in the noise of everyone vying for the same attention, know that people only pay attention to brands that illustrate what’s in it for them as the consumer, or someone they care about.

One of the biggest follow ups that I do with my founder clients is to ask them who their boss is, because if they think it’s themselves – then the newbies are destined to experience a really steep ride to the top, while the seasoned will have to dodge the slippery slope downwards – because the boss can only be the one who pays you, i.e. your client base!

If you think about service as the focus of your business and revenue generation as the bi-product, you’ll make more money than if your focus was revenue generation, because in the latter case, the bi-product would most likely be a compromised service of sorts, because it isn’t being regulated by service-centric protocol.

So when you’re planning a new launch, make sure to never forget this, especially when you’re soliciting 3rd party services to assist you in getting the word out, like press release services for example. Press releases need to be far more value centric than info centric (the way most of them are = announcement based), because journalists are more likely to feature you if they can see a clear and direct connection between your value proposition and their audience’s value system. This distinction will pay dividends when utilizing press releases, because these go out to cold audiences that you are trying to convert so as to expand your service-revenue reach.

Additionally, getting these written to reflect that message is an art, so my advice to you is to not go in alone. Hire a professional press release writer, because they already know what journalists are looking for, because their business relies on it.

Now for those of you who don’t believe in utilizing releases, you are missing one of the most affordable ways to get who you are and why you matter in front of new audiences. Don’t make that mistake, because minimally, you’ll get on the radar of a whole bunch of journalists who may remember you when they have a story idea that fits your profile. What this does is it positions you as an industry leader or subject matter expert overnight (depending on the reach and authority of the media platform, and its relevancy to what you’re offering). Earned media is the most powerful way to build authority, by association. Suffice to say, don’t discount its importance, especially for the price.  

Now if you’re looking to figure out how to do this, hit me up at [email protected], and my team and I will help you get up and running with everything that you need to know, do, and expect. I guide my clients through a proprietary system that includes coaching, consulting, and mentoring one-on-one. This high touch, customized environment is best suited to focus on you and your needs exclusively, where my goal is to meet you where you are and work at your pace to get results that make sense to you.   

For those of you coming into my word for the first time, I have garnered my stripes through a combination of lived, learned, and earned experience, where I have created and cultivated 3 brands to respectable authority – professional development brand: The Open Chest Confidence Academy (est. 2020); personal brand: Raj Girn (est. 2011); cultural brand: Anokhi Life (est. 2002). My tenure-ship includes working with Fortune 500 companies, media houses, global thought leaders, celebrities, and influencers/creators on their branding, media, and marketing campaigns.

>>> I have worked with over 5,000 brands over 20 years in the media and communications space, so you’re in good hands with me <<<

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you when you’re ready! And if that’s now, access the 5 courses HERE and our one-on-one services HERE.

In the meantime, thank you so much for hanging out with me here each week; I sincerely hope I bring some value into your world!

Until next week, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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