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Iconic leadership is an art, not a skill . . .

“Humanize your brand, humanize your business, and humanize your infrastructure to get buy-in from not just your clients, but everyone down the food chain.” 
~ Raj Girn, Founder, The Open Chest® Confidence Academy

Hi Friend,

There’s more talk about leadership today than ever before, so I thought I’d focus on that in this next two week’s missives since everyone is throwing their hat on the table with learned, adopted, and experience-based methodologies that they subscribe to, to lead their teams and companies to optimize their business ventures.

Here’s the thing guys . . .

Everything that you have and continue to consume about leadership is true from an academic and tactical perspective because the proof is in the pudding (the formula each perspective talks about), which justifies competency based on raising the bar at the company.

BUT what I’ve learned through my own experience leading teams, brands, and companies for over 30 years, and that too, oftentimes in pushing out unproven, innovative strategies, is that what makes for great leadership is the ability to create advocacy (buy-in) around your belief system.

Why this is a game-changer in the forward movement of your brand and business is that it serves as a catalyst to amplify your message up, down, and around your entire ecosystem (internal and external), where the more people who talk about what you believe in, the more credible your leadership style will become. This earned credibility then serves to expand your authority as a leader, which in turn legitimizes to the advocates, that what they are supporting is authentic. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Here it is in a nutshell . . .

Great Leadership is cyclical: Advocacy = Credibility = Authority = Legitimacy = Advocacy

But that’s not the complete picture guys. In order to be a truly iconic leader, there’s one more piece to the puzzle that’s essential and that is the mindset that leads to inspiring the advocacy. This pays the biggest dividends, because the truth is, we have heard it all before – the philosophies, the motivations, the missions, so why is it that when one leader says the same thing you’ve already heard before, it strikes a chord with you that it didn’t in any other way that you’ve heard it before? It’s because . . .

Iconic leadership is an art, not a skill.

It’s in the way that you weave the skill in your:

  • Choice of words
  • Vocal cadence
  • Intentional pauses
  • Facial expressions
  • Eye contact
  • Posture

What this accomplishes is the ability to tell a story that humanizes and universalizes the message, which is the Holy Grail of creating a mass connection with people. 

If you would like to work on elevating your leadership style to iconic status, book a free no-obligation discovery call (with me directly), where we will at the very least, identify a plan to take you to where you want to go.

Guys, we know that there are very few messages that have not already been communicated by someone somewhere, so to create advocacy, we have to create a personal brand to humanize our business brand. That’s my forte!

Empowerment is attainable if you do the work with a trusted guide (like me), who has been where you’re looking to go, because they can get you there far quicker and far less painfully than doing it all by yourself. 

guide my clients through a proprietary system that includes coaching, consulting, and mentoring with me one-on-one virtually, in a high-touch, customized environment, where I’ve found that when you make a commitment one-on-one, you are more motivated to see it through. And if you want results that are specifically for you, then this system is for you.    

If you’d like to find out more on how this works and if it’s the right fit for you, book a free, no-obligation discovery call and let’s see how we can imagine or re-imagine your power play!  

Learn the techniques that work today, that uber-successful personalities and businesses are using, rather than the outdated academic knowledge that colleges and universities are pedalling, with shiny diplomas and degrees for you to hang on your wall. These curriculums change at a snail pace, so do not change to meet the demands of the marketplace when needed. That gap is filled by the coaching industry and people like me.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you when you’re ready!

Until next week, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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