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How to Leverage Video to Build and Scale Your Business, With Keri Murphy

Keri Murphy

Raj Girn: My guest today is the founder and CEO of Inspired Living, Keri Murphy, a media veteran who has appeared on multiple media platforms like MTV, Fox, NBC and E! to name a few. She has spent 23 years in the entrepreneurial arena where she honed her skills and is a sought after speaker and business mentor. Her superpower is helping brands show up with confidence on video to build and scale their businesses. The perfect person to break down today’s theme, which again is how to leverage video to build and scale your business.

Here is our conversation:

Raj Girn: Sweetheart, I cannot wait to have this conversation with you.

Keri Murphy: I have little chillers. Thank you so much for having me. Really excited to be here with you.

So let’s roll in Keri. This is where I want to start because I like to give people context around the people that I bring in. Let’s talk a little bit about your journey pre what you do today so that everyone watching, listening are reading this can see how and why you decided to do what you are doing today. Take us back there.

Oh, Raj, it is a story. It is a story, my friend. So here’s one of the things that I love, and it’s a quote from Steve Jobs. He says, “You cannot connect the dots in front of you. You can only connect them behind you.” And when I look back at the dots, I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, I couldn’t have planned this life.” So I started out growing up in the late eighties, nineties, really wanting to be a supermodel and realizing that being Italian, probably that wasn’t going to be in my future and then just fell in love with being on camera.

Keri Murphy,
Credit: FB@thekerimurphy

And so, throughout my crazy adolescence where I’m so awkward into my teens and my twenties, I was doing commercial work and independent films and things like that. Now I have a mom who is an entrepreneur, but they’re all in the hair industry. But I just had this bug that I wanted to start my own business. So around 23 I started my first business, which was interior design, interior decorating. And you know what I love? I love seeing potential in people. I love seeing potential in spaces. It’s why I love helping people leverage their gifts, because we all have, as humans, so much potential. We often just don’t know how to tap into it.

“I love seeing potential in people. I love seeing potential in spaces. It’s why I love helping people leverage their gifts, because we all have, as humans, so much potential. We often just don’t know how to tap into it.” ~ Keri Murphy

So, I look back at my life as I saw potential in a room. So I love beautiful things that were designed these rooms. But about five years in being a solopreneur, I got bored and my mom and I are sort of best friends. So she definitely knew where I was at in my life. And even then, Raj, I was the local interior design expert on our morning show. I was doing commercial work. So I was using video back then to help me build my business. I just wasn’t aware of it. It was just something that I love to do.

And so it just was a natural extension. So when I was 27, my mom called me one day and she said, “Keri, there’s a modeling agency for sale.” And I was like, “You know, Mom, that’s cool. But if I was to ever own a talent agency, I would want to develop actors and do all of that.” So long story longer, I promise it gets good.

I love it. It’s already great.

She calls me back five minutes later. She’s like, “Keri, you will not believe who it is.” And it was the woman who owned the talent agency that I went through as a little girl and also had a little performing arts center. And then I actually worked for that agency after college for five years before I started my interior design business. So talk about serendipitous God, universe, all the things.

So within a month, my mom and I both plop down $15,000. Now at 27, that’s a lot of money, right? And I took this agency from barely scratching six figures to hitting almost a million. When the 2008 recession hit it was like a ton of bricks. At this point I’m in my early thirties. I never had mentors. I never had coaches again. Funny thing. Well, I own the talent agency. I was the local fashion expert. I was a spokesperson for a golf tee time website. So again, I’m using video. I’m on camera. I’m still doing that as I’m owning the agency.

So when it was hitting its demise in 2008, I had booked a national show on the Golf Channel. I was an MTV made coach. I had just coached a Miss America. So here I am as someone else might be today, where something in their life is closing and you’re trying so hard to keep it alive. I’m like, I’m not closing this agency. I will do whatever it takes. I will sell my soul, whatever. And yet God’s plan was so much greater that the agency ended up closing. I moved out to L.A. in January of 2009 and did the whole circuit of doing the television hosting auditions. That was sucking the life out of my soul. I launched Inspired Living in 2011 and now run a multi seven-figure business teaching people how to be on camera.

I couldn’t have possibly put those dots together and the heartache that I went through when I did lose that talent agency. Raj here I am in my thirties and quite frankly, it was my identity. It was Keri Murphy, the agency owner. I didn’t even really know who I was. So when I lost it, it took me a good three years to deep dive in personal development. I was a neuro linguistics coach and traveled the world for a year teaching NLP and quantum physics again.

I couldn’t make this stuff up and it brought me to where I am today. And I’m here now in Southern California. I grew up in Oregon with rain, and now I have palm trees and sunshine, which growing up my whole room was palm trees and sunshine. So it’s just such a great example. We are constantly manifesting. We are constantly bringing experiences and things into our lives that shape us and mold us. And if we are open, that allows us to step into greater possibility and opportunity. So that’s the long and short of my story.

“We are constantly manifesting. We are constantly bringing experiences and things into our lives that shape us and mold us. And if we are open, that allows us to step into greater possibility and opportunity.” ~Keri Murphy

I love those dots. What great dots to put together. Let me ask you, based on this. What’s that gap that you saw in the marketplace that encouraged you to start Inspired Living? Let’s go there next.

That’s a really great question. When I launched Inspired Living, I came off the year of being an NLP coach. I was teaching platform and presentation skills in Hong Kong, of all things. So when I started Inspired Living, the one thing I teach today is don’t try to be all things to all people. I was a life coach. I had all international clients because I was speaking and people started asking me, Keri, do you coach? Sure I do, of course.

And then there was a day, Raj, where I was like, I don’t want to be a therapist. I’m finding myself in a role that is not right for me. And there are two things that happened, if you don’t mind me sharing a piece. The first was I went to an audition, and at this point I knew that I was over the audition, but it was a big paycheck for me. It would have been a $10,000 paycheck, which at the time was huge. And I was . . .

Still is.

Still is. Right. It still is. And I went into this room, and if you can imagine, I am 33, 34. An entrepreneur now for over ten years. I’m in a bikini with a cover up on auditioning for a spokesperson role for a resort. And I walk in and I literally feel like I’m surrounded by my childhood dreams, like spokes models and the supermodels everywhere. And not that I don’t have self-confidence, but at that moment I was like, “Why am I here? Why am I doing this?” Three hours I sat that audition room, and by the time I got in, unrolled into my bikini, did my two minute spiel and laughed. I was bawling. I’m like, “I’m not doing this.” I felt like I kind of sold my soul at that moment.


And I’ll never forget it was that pivotal moment where I said, “I’m never going to audition for anything again.” And I never have. And it was that moment. Kevin Sorbo was a Facebook friend. He was a big fan of golf, and I happened to be in the golf world for a minute and I said, “Hey, I’m launching Inspired Living TV. I do love interviewing people about their story of success. I love Hollywood stories. I love hearing the behind the scenes. And he was like, “Sure, no problem.” Again, the power of asking for things. Not waiting for things.

Of course.

So Kevin Sorbo was my first interview. I think it was 2009. I think it’s still on YouTube. It is horrific. I look back, but that was the start of Inspired Living. It was like, I’m not going to audition. This is what I know I’m good at. It’s what I love to do. I’m not going to wait for permission anymore. I’m just going to do it. And I have interviewed some of the greatest celebrities and business owners since then because I ask. Just like you guys. Look at all the people you’ve interviewed. I think a lot of it is of us saying, I’m going to reach out and I’m going to ask for the interview.

So that was the first thing. The second big aha was I was new to the online coaching space. I had the interior design business and then I ran a brick and mortar. I did not know this online space at all. But I was watching because I was becoming more aware of it, being a new coach. And there was one particular coach that one day I ran across her on Facebook and it was that really over-the-top cheesy “Hi everyone. I’m so glad you’re with me today. If you are here, I know that you want to change your life.” So it was just that really over-the-top infomercial. Super cheesy.


And I had, admittedly, this ding, ding, ding, ding. I can teach people. I can teach entrepreneurs, business owners how to be on camera. I’ve taught people how to be on camera my whole life. I’ve been on camera my whole life. And now I’ve been an entrepreneur at this point for over 10 years. I’m like, I can teach that. It was just this epiphany moment. And here’s the thing. They say, preparation meets opportunity. I have been teaching people how to leverage video for over a decade, and then what happens this pandemic, where all of us are really forced to understand the power of video. I think before people kind of saw it as, yeah, that would be a good thing to do.

It was a good to know, and now it’s like it is a bust. I feel like if you are not visible, if you’re not using video in a way that’s compelling, that’s creating emotional interaction and connection with people, you probably won’t make it because those of us that are savvy and that are doing it are going to get the clients. People buy through video. I cannot tell you how much stuff I bought lately through anything.

“If you are not visible, if you’re not using video in a way that’s compelling, that’s creating emotional interaction and connection with people, you probably won’t make it because those of us that are savvy and that are doing it are going to get the clients. People buy through video.” ~Keri Murphy

So that’s how it came about. It was not ever something I thought about. It was just one of those moments where I was open. I realized what I was doing. Was it sustainable or on the life coaching side? And when I look at what I do now, it is such a beautiful combination of everything I’ve ever known or done. And it all comes down to inspiring people, helping people believe in themselves and giving them a vehicle to make the difference they feel called to make.

Amen. Amen sister.

It’s amazing. But there was a lot of crying in between those results, and it may be both.

Well, I mean honestly, we know this. Right, Keri? If you’re not feeling pain, you’re not going to transform. Transformation requires you to keep breaking out of the identity that is your present moment, right? We’re constantly evolving as the next version of who we need to be. With that is going to come some moments that we’ve all had that we feel could be the one that tells us, I don’t want to do this anymore.

And this is when we step into this whole idea of why am I doing this? Why? The big why, right? Before we get into the bricks and mortar of Inspired Living, because I’m really excited about sharing the entire concept of what you and your team have built. I want to ask you the most fundamental question based off of what you just shared here, and that is why is confidence important? Let’s address that.

Yeah, well, let’s face it. If you’re not confident in who you are and what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, how are other people going to feel confident in investing in you? Everything in our life is a mirror. And I have found that in my own life, the more confidence that I have . . . And confidence, by the way, is a doing exercise. It’s not a watching bypass exercise. I always make the joke, I’m going to learn how to be great on video by watching everyone else doing it. It’s like learning how to drive a car by sitting on the sidewalk watching everyone drive by, you know?

And the same thing goes with confidence. As you get confidence through feeling, through overcoming adversity in your life, through doing something to a place where you’re like, I got this. I know the transformation we provide in our clients lives. I know it. And when you have that confidence, you attract people who see that confidence. They want to borrow some of that confidence. And then they want you to help them build that confidence.


So to me we’re not born with confidence. It’s something that we get to keep building up. And so whenever you try something new like video, it is scary because you’re not confident and like Bambi on wobbly legs, but you get confident in the doing. And so to me, how do you build anything in your life if you’re not willing to be vulnerable enough to have the Bambi legs, to keep feeling forward and to build the confidence. It’s like going to the gym. It’s painful at first, but before you know it, you’re doing things you never thought you could do.

Absolutely. I’m a testament to that as well. I resonate with everything that you just shared with us Keri. I want to go into the overarching value proposition of what your company is. Let’s talk about that from a nutshell perspective, and then I’d love for you to expand on it. So you help build confidence on camera. We’ve been talking about this already and master messaging, which is the other component of this, which then helps clients become more visible, which then translates over into a higher propensity of client conversion.

That was so beautifully said. Nice job.

Thank you.

Come on to the team Raj. We got you. Okay.

Girl, I would love to work with you. And that’s a whole other conversation we will definitely have. So here’s my question to you. How do you accomplish this formula that is your business? What’s your process? What do people need to know?

You just nailed it. First of all, they need to know what their message is. Most people come to us even if they’ve been in business for 20 years. We work with dentists, attorneys, realtors, coaches. They know what they do. And in fact, they don’t need confidence in what they do. They need confidence in showing up and how they do it. How do I get the message out there? So the very first thing we do is we have a private messaging session with one of our coaches that helps them really understand who they’re talking to.

I would say that the biggest issue with video right now, especially in the business space, is that most people have no idea who they’re talking to. They’re so in their head about trying to sound right, look right, have the right filter, get the right likes that they’re not emotionally connected. If you’re not emotionally connected, your video doesn’t do anything. And then they don’t have a strategy. They’re doing video, but don’t know how to leverage it and how to use it to strategically grow their business.

“I would say that the biggest issue with video right now, especially in the business space, is that most people have no idea who they’re talking to. They’re so in their head about trying to sound right, look right, have the right filter, get the right likes that they’re not emotionally connected. If you’re not emotionally connected, your video doesn’t do anything.” ~Keri Murphy

So the very first thing that we do is to help them build that muscle by understanding what their core message is. We have lots of messages as business owners, but we have our core message. And then it’s helping them understand how to show up on camera in a way that emotionally connects with their right fit client. Notice Raj, I didn’t say that emotionally connects with everyone who watches it.

And so there’s a couple of things I’m seeing right now in the marketplace. First of all, they’re trying to be everything to everyone. So generalist versus specialist, right? They’re just like, I serve anyone that wants to pay me. Biggest mistake because with the added to society we have right now, you literally have three to eight seconds to capture my attention. So if you’re starting your videos with, “Hey everyone,” you’re talking all about yourself, you’re constantly being the hero of your story. No one cares about you. I say that with so much love, because when we make a video about us, then all of our ego, all of our limiting beliefs, all of our fears are constantly in front of us.

When we make a video about someone else, which is the special sauce that we do at Inspired Living, when you understand that to live your most inspired heightened life, it’s about service. It’s about showing up to help someone else. And the more you do that, your business will just naturally expand because you’re authentic and you’re showing up to help someone. So that’s really what we do at first. And then we create a strategy. Like what’s your content plan? What’s your enrollment strategy? How are you using video in a way to not just build engagement, but to to build out raving fans who can’t wait to work with you? But I will tell you, it is a muscle.

Most of our clients work with us for over a year. We do a two-day in person training in Los Angeles, where we bring in my celebrity hair and makeup team and my photographer. We shoot that video for their website because people just don’t understand how to position themselves when it comes to using video. That’s so much of what we do.

And then how does that translate over into being seen and heard in this crazy marketplace where everybody is shouting with a foghorn?

Oh, Aren’t they? Yeah.

Talk to us about that piece, because that’s the piece that a lot of people don’t actually understand why they need to hire the experts to do the video part. They feel, “Oh, I’ve got my own phone. I’ll just like, say a few…” You know what I mean? Let’s bridge that gap for people.

Yeah. And it is amazing. I always tell my clients this little thing. I mean when I grew up, I had to audition to be on camera. Remember, the sets range like the cameras and the lights. I’m dumbfounded by what we have with a ring light and our phones. And that’s exactly why you need professional training, because the access to entry, the barrier to entry is zero. So before, when you were even going back to paid advertising, you had to have a budget to get on the news or to get on TV.

Credit: FB@thekerimurphy

Now, no one has to have a budget. You just need to have a phone. So there’s just a lot of noise, a lot of congestion, a lot of people on the foghorn like, “look at me.” But there’s no sincerity. There’s no structure. There’s no plan. And again, most people have no idea who they’re talking to. There’s no emotional connection. They’re not speaking in a way that scientifically connects with how our brain works, which is what we teach. They’re memorized or they’re really in their head, or they have their notes off to the side, which does not work.

So how do you write? It’s not just about knowing your message. It’s also knowing why? You’re going back to that confidence. There is such a line right now where there are some people I see on video that makes my eyes roll back and my stomach turns. It’s like you’re so pompous. There’s a difference between being confident and being arrogant. Especially as women, we’re so scared to say, “I’m the expert.” We’re so scared to say, “This is why you need to work with us.” But if you don’t tell me why, I’m going to go work with the person that is telling me why. Understanding how to start your videos too, is so important.

Most people make it all about them. Where the secret is, I’m going to give it to you right now. The secret with keeping and capturing someone’s attention on video is making it about them. So starting your video, addressing a pain point, a possibility, what they’re going through, what their challenges are. What happens when you do that is you are igniting curiosity in that three to eight seconds, which is what’s going to keep someone watching if you make your video, “Hey, I’m Kari Murphy, CEO and founder of Inspired Living. And for the last 30 years, I’ve been on camera.” You just lost me. No one cares.

But when you start, your video, “Hey. You’re a successful business owner who understands you need to be using video. But when it comes to strategy and how to create a message, your eyes roll back and you’d rather go to the dentist. I’m here to help you with that today.” So it’s understanding where they’re meeting you when they press play. That is the secret. Going back to your question of being seen, being known, being paid, it is a skill. What is it, like 10000 hours Malcolm Gladwell talks about? Learning how to be great on camera, just like an actor, just like someone else, it’s a skill. It’s a muscle. And so because everyone has access to it, we are in content confusion.

There is more content than any of us can ever consume in multiple lifetimes. So it goes back to if you don’t understand how to rise above the noise, if you don’t understand how to be a category of one in your industry, which means there’s no competition when it comes to video, you’re coming to Keri at Inspired Living. Like, how do you position yourself that way? And that’s what we do.

So it’s not just teaching you how to master your message, although that is important. It is all the different aspects with understanding, video, understanding emotional connection, understanding how to craft a message, and then how do you actually use those videos that strategically affect your bottom line. And that’s the magic of what we do. You can try it on your own. And for a while, I always say talent and passion gets you so far. That’s the story of my life. I tell it, and passion gets you so far. And then strategy and coaching and mentorship gets you to where you never thought you could go.

Absolutely and completely on that page. You know, there’s a piece here that I’d love to get your insights on, Keri. And that’s the whole idea behind oftentimes women, they have a hard time to ask for money.

Yes, ma’am.

On the camera. Let’s talk about this for a second, because I feel this is also another hurdle that will stop people. Even if they have all of these checkmarks that you talked about and they hire a professional like you and your team to do all the things, if all of a sudden they lose the momentum of the confidence associated with knowing that their worth of what they’re asking is in line with what they believe. That peace can be a real problem because a lot of people lose that, women especially. We’re not so much, as women, culturally speaking, socially speaking, taught to be as allowed to ask for our worth as men have been, traditionally speaking in culture and society. I feel that factors in.

Yeah, it does.

It does.

Yeah. So I teach five types of videos, and one of those is promotional. And in fact, I had a client with me a couple of years ago. She had a Facebook group of about 400 to 500 people. And every single Friday, she would go in and she would do a live and she would teach. And they loved her. And she came to us and I said, “Hey, do you monetize that group? Do you ever get clients?” And she’s like, “No, I don’t.” I said, “Why is that?” “Because I never ask.” And I’m like “What?” So one of the sign marks that we teach is actually conversion sales, because that does go into it. It blows my mind and it actually really breaks my heart. And really part of the mission of Inspired Living is illuminating women’s voices and helping them build significant brands and businesses because I’ve struggled. I filed bankruptcy. I started over. And yet if I can create a multi seven figure business using video, I can teach other people how to do it. And the stats around women in business is what breaks my heart. Like 12 per cent of women break six figures.


The average business that a woman owns is less than $50,000 and then three per cent is not. It pisses me off two per cent at seven figures. So how are we going to change the world, right? How are we going to make a difference if we’re broke, ladies? How? We can’t. This is really my soapbox. I teach video but what I really want to teach is wealth generation and how to leave a legacy and how to build a business. We got to stop owning hobbies.


So back to that question, one of the things we do is we teach conversion, we teach sales, we teach how do you ask without feeling like you’re asking? And it really comes back to if you’re always in service. So go back to my client. We taught her how to craft the pitch, how to stay in service and invite. She had her first $35,000 month. People were just waiting for her to ask. How many times do people want to work with you or we want to invest in something, but because we don’t know how, we don’t have the opportunity, so we put our money elsewhere.

So to my ladies right now that are listening and watching. When you understand that, when you show up to serve on a regular basis, it is actually such a disservice if you don’t give them a way to get a greater result with you. It is such a disservice. And so when you understand that it’s 75-25 when it comes to social. Seventy-five per cent of the time you are giving it away, you are creating great value, you’re showing up to serve.

And then 25 per cent of the time you’re saying, “Hey, if you love this and you want to go deeper and you want my team and I to really work with you on your messaging strategy, your marketing, and how you can stand out online, this is how you do it. So come over here. We’d love to help you. Just click this link, schedule a call, do the thing.” Notice I didn’t move into a salesperson hat and that’s a place on offer. It’s not an infomercial. You don’t change who you are. You are inviting them into your home. Like, stop standing outside my front door. If you love this, you like the outside of the house, imagine what it would be like if you came in to play. That is all it is.

And we just need to get over our fear and do the work. We know that what we’re offering is in alignment to the value that we promise. Now, there’s a lot of false advertising. There’s a lot. It blows my mind knowing the statistics, like I can make you seven figures. I can make you six figures in five minutes. And yet this person has never generated it themselves. There’s a lot of selling of the map out there. Like I’m going to tell you a map to a place I’ve never been.

So again, confidence comes from getting people results. So if you’re in a place where you’re new and you’re starting your business and you’re like Bambi on the legs. That’s where we all start. We all start there. So learn your value. Start getting clients, get them results, get those testimonials, build your confidence. So when you are inviting people into your house, you’d be like, “Look at the party we could have.” Then you have a level of confidence that people like. “I want in there, I want to be in that house.” Does does that answer your question?

“Confidence comes from getting people results. So if you’re in a place where you’re new and you’re starting your business and you’re like Bambi on the legs. That’s where we all start. We all start there. So learn your value. Start getting clients, get them results, get those testimonials, build your confidence.” ~Keri Murphy

So good sweetheart. And it’s great because it’s a great lead into us just stepping into different ways that people can actually work with you and your team. You have a variety of ways that you offer this and at different stages of business growth. I loved seeing how you created categories regarding where the starting point is of people coming into your world and that you have different stages that they can enter in.

So everyone’s not a one size fits all, which I absolutely hate digital marketers. This is what they do. And I know that you’ll attest to this as well, Keri. The difference between a real qualified, experience-oriented, results-oriented consultant, coach, teacher, mentor, whatever you want to call it, and somebody that offers a one size fits all is that they’re digital marketers. That’s the funnel that they take you into one solution. There is no one human being or business on this planet that can be devised with one single solution. You need a number of different ones. And this is what I love about Keri and her company.

This is exactly what they do. Let’s talk about that now. I love that fact girlfriend. That’s a great brand. Super cool branding. Let’s take people now into your ecosystem. The stage is so people can understand which one is for them and what will happen when they go there. Let’s dive into it. Let’s open the door.

Let’s do it, girl. So, in my mind, there are three phases of business. There’s the emerging, like I’m just starting. It’s that one to three years where we’re finding our legs, right? There’s expanding, which can be anywhere between three and five to eight. Like, it really depends where you’re at in the ecosystem of building out your business. And then there is what I call influencing or leading. So these are the phases. And when we work with people, this is kind of where they’re at.

So sometimes we have someone who, like one of my clients, she’s amazing. She is already super successful. She’s been in dentistry for 25 years. She’s launching a boardroom to support other female dentists and understanding how to build really successful practices and how to leverage multiple streams of revenue. So she’s already a leader in her industry. She’s there. And then I work with people that are just starting their businesses and we have to get really clear on who they’re targeting, what their model is, who they are in the space, and helping them build that confidence.

So those people start at the Video Marketing Academy. I’m so proud of this academy. I teach all the modules. We refine their messaging. We teach them five types of videos. We teach them how to emotionally connect using video. By the way, it is the most important thing if you can’t emotionally connect with that one person on the other side, your video will fall flat. And I don’t care if you do video every day, it’s not going to do anything for you. It’s like watching a bad movie or a really bad infomercial. You’re not going to go back to it.


Stage one is getting in the academy. We have live coaches in there giving feedback. Every week we do Q&A. It’s really hands on and the results that people get in six weeks is amazing. Like I just went from watching on the sidelines and now I’m in the game. And then the next step is usually joining us in Broadcast Your Brilliance. And that is a yea-long program where we take people through four very specific channels, the same channels I used to grow my business, which again is a deeper dive in video messaging, branding, understanding. Like, why them in the marketplace? Really implementing their content calendar and their sales strategy. So that’s channel one.

Channel two is helping them understand social media. I would say if I had a dollar for every time someone said “I don’t know what to do with social. I need help with social.” The most amazing business owners just feel overwhelmed with social media. The problem is they hire it out before they know who they are, before they have a voice, before they understand their unique differentiator in the market. So I’m all for getting help, but please understand the basics and how to use it first.

So that’s the second channel. We teach social media and then we go into traditional media. Our head media coach Kelley Day, she was a journalist for 23 years and I love helping people get media. You don’t need a publicist these days. You need to know how. But it’s just blows my mind when they get that. And it’s like positioning. So much of building our business, especially in the online space, is about positioning yourself.

And then the last channel is podcasting. So we teach these for broadcast. You’re brilliant, right? If we’re going to take a megaphone with your message that we just worked so hard on, your content calendar, your conversion and marketing and sales strategy. Now it’s not about just showing up in one place. It’s how do we multiply and duplicate that voice over multiple channels. And I always love that people say that “Keri you are everywhere.” I mean, I am not everywhere. My team has got me everywhere, right? Just like you guys.

You have video, you have radio, you have your blog. So it’s like, how do you get your message out without doing more and feeling exhausted and completely depleted at the end of the day? So that’s why Broadcast Your Brilliance. It’s a year long. It’s for the expanding entrepreneur. I know my message. I’m really ready to commit to visibility and leveraging my time.

And the “it” factor is a part of that, too by the way. The two-day on camera training. I have run that for over ten years. It is what I would say, like my hero product. When people come to the IT Factor training, they leave a completely different version of themselves. It really is mind boggling in two days. The transformation. It’s like a kid at Christmas. I love it so much.

So that’s kind of for the emerging. And then my Luminary Leaders is a small group of women that I mentor and coach for the year with my team. And usually these women, again, they’ve been in business for a long time, but even these women, they lack in visibility, consistency, messaging, leveraging their time, building team. We work with a lot of them on a building team. So that’s kind of the the ecosystem of the Inspired Living community.

And I will say when I talk about our community, I mean, the women that we serve, the the hearts and it’s just the most beautiful tribe. They’re just really amazing. People are so supportive. And I think we really need that. So often we feel like we’re on an island all by ourselves, that the struggles are only our own struggles. Like where do you go and share “I just had my first $10,000 day?” Like, where do you go and share that for people who have no idea in this space? You know?

Yes, absolutely. I love this. So not only is this skills and resources, this is also community, right? And helping each other as well as yourselves. So this value proposition is a pretty big one, guys. It’s definitely one that you need to share with everyone you know. Keri is fabulous. You can already tell by her energy, she just exudes passion for this. You can tell that there is so much more behind the business that is purpose driven, which is really the magic here.

The difference between people who want to only make money and people who should be paid for and compensated for their expertise. But that’s the byproduct of the true why and this is what you’re about Keri. I love everything about it. I got to ask you this because I think it’s fundamentally important that people understand who this is for. Who’s your ideal client? Is it only women? Because you talked about women a lot here.

We definitely have our male clients as well. But because of the real internal struggles that women face with showing up with that imposter syndrome, “I don’t like the way I look. I don’t like the way I sound.” We do have programs that are specialized for women, and I would say our ideal client is a woman over 40. She didn’t grow up with a camera in front of her face. She feels actually called. She knows that she’s meant to make a greater impact and just doesn’t know how.

Maybe she’s serving clients one-to-one or like I said, she’s a realtor or she’s an attorney or she’s still trading time for dollars. And she’s like, I only have so much time. I’m burnt out. Social media, my eyes roll back. I don’t have time to do that. And yet she knows that she’s meant to reach more lives, and in doing that, everything else in her life will expand. So just like you said, I don’t do and I never have do anything that I’ve done in the past for money.

Credit: FB@thekerimurphy

But what I will say, being on both sides of the fence, being in a place that I had absolutely none to a place today where I’m so fortunate and yet it’s not rainbows and lollipops every day. I still have struggles. They’ll have cash flow needs, still have expenses, but it’s like when you’re plugged in to your genius work, like when you’re doing something that you do love. And I just the other day I had a luminary retreat. It was two days. We do with these quarterly retreats. And I walked out of the bathroom and was like, “I can’t believe I get to do the work that I do, that I get to work with these amazing women.”

I just had a gentleman fly in from Chicago who wants to launch a business that has no idea what he’s doing. So there are places for men in my ecosystem, but it really is primarily women over 40 who want to to get visible. They know they have to get visible and they want to leverage their time. We’re busy. We have families. We’re trying to figure it out. And right now, video just seems like another thing to do, right? And so I teach how to do it without making it hard. It doesn’t have to be hard. It’s just a system. And so when you learn the system, then you have it.

Absolutely. And then the other part of this is the support system that you have in your ecosystem because you have community. That’s the other piece I feel is very important for a lot of people who lack confidence or sometimes just need someone else to tell them what they fundamentally already know, but they’re not allowing themselves to step into. It’s so important.

It’s not just in the groups. In the groups, everyone’s giving feedback. They’re high fiving each other. On the Q&A calls they’re like, “Oh my God, you’re amazing.” It’s just we all need that. We need our cheerleading squad, not just the coaching, but our community. There’s other times where people are like, “I’m so behind, I’m so overwhelmed. I don’t feel confident.” And they’re picking them up and saying, “You’ve got this, We’re here for you.” I just I don’t think you can put a price tag on that.

And I also want to say, I’m really great at what I do, but my team… I mean, I have Kelly who’s been a journalist for 23 years. I’m a network TV producer. I have Lacey that was in media sales for over 15 years, Like she’s managed millions of dollars in advertising. So it’s the whole team. I have executive coaches that have helped Fortune 50 companies. So you don’t want just me. The whole team is what makes us, I think, really exceptional because we don’t teach media coaching. Like you can go find a journalist to teach you how to be on camera. We teach you how to actually create a message that is going to impact people’s lives in a way that allows you to grow your business without working that much harder.

So looping back on today’s theme, Keri, and I’m going to say it again how to leverage video to build and scale your business. Is there anything that you feel that we didn’t touch upon that you’d like to share with everyone watching, listening and reading this?

Yes, please. A couple of things. One is that it is so important because what I’ll hear from people is “Keri, I already shared that.” Or “I go live and nothing ever happens.” So building a brand is a marathon. It is not a sprint. When people move out to L.A., they say if you don’t make it in five years, maybe think about doing something different. We’re in a prime society where we want everything in two days or less, and you have to really be in it to win it.

You have to be willing to put your message out there when you feel no one’s watching. And yet people are watching and you don’t know it. I mean, I’ll have people reach out to me that have followed me for years. I didn’t know that they did. Or I’ll go to a live event and I get a big hug like, “Oh my God, I followed you forever.” And I’m like, “Oh my God, great.” So it’s like you have to be so committed to what you do that even when you have the haters, the critics, your family is like, “What the hell are you doing? Why are you doing this?” I still get that sometimes. You’re just so committed. And I will say it is consistent messaging.

Credit: FB@thekerimurphy

Over time you want to use video to grow and scale your business, show up when you don’t feel like it. Have a plan on how you’re going to show up. And this is also super secret tape. I do one production day a month. So talking about scale and leverage. Create one day a month where you shoot four to five videos about three to five minutes long that create value for your right fit client. Those with that one video a week that you drip out is your YouTube channel content, is your blog content, and it can be your podcast. You can strip it, whip it, turn around, put it on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. It doesn’t have to be hard. It has to be strategic.

I shoot reels on the go and I have a team. But I started with me and a webcam. I had no idea what I was doing. I just showed up and served. And that Keri 11 years ago is the same Keri with a little more support today, but it started there. So you have to start. You have to be willing to start. You have to be willing to be imperfect. And that’s the last thing I want to share, is that so much of what keeps us from showing up is the internal critique within ourselves that tells us we’re not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, whatever enough. If you really think about the people out there that are making the greatest impact, it is not about what they look like.

Think about Mel Robbins, Brené Brown, Oprah Winfrey. By the way, Oprah was told she didn’t have a face for TV. Can you imagine if that woman listened? I can go on and on and on with people that were told they shouldn’t. They couldn’t. They’re not worthy. Blah, blah, blah. And so when you try to be perfect on camera, it’s actually the kryptonite to you reaching people. In fact, the more you mess up, you’re real. You’re showing up as the most authentic version of you. The more you’re going to attract the right people that will love all of who you are and will do whatever. They’re there with you, for you.

“When you try to be perfect on camera, it’s actually the kryptonite to you reaching people. In fact, the more you mess up, you’re real. You’re showing up as the most authentic version of you. The more you’re going to attract the right people that will love all of who you are and will do whatever. They’re there with you, for you.” ~Keri Murphy

And they’re with you because they trust you and they get you. And so stop trying to say things right to look perfect. Your job is not to look like Raj or me or anyone else. It is to find the most authentic version of you and be brave enough to share it. That is the secret of video. Be willing to be imperfect because no one wants to see perfection. We might admire it, but we won’t invest in it. So that’s what I say.

That’s such an important distinction. Keri, I want to ask you, based on what you just said, what you shared there, which I think is so fundamental and so important for those who aren’t quite there yet. What would you say to them that they should consider so that they’re not losing time because we all know time is money. You either make it or you lose it. Depending on whether you are ready to step into action or not, how can you help those people sitting on that fence go in the direction that is going to give them what they keep dreaming about, but not actioning?

Yeah, I want to say that time is only money. Time is the most valuable thing we own. And so often what happens and when we are afraid is the thing we most want stays away from us. So there’s that old adage, a day becomes a week, a week becomes a month, a month becomes a year, a year becomes a decade. So how much longer are you going to wait for someone to give you permission to make the difference? You already know that you’re here to make it.


If you need support we have a free Facebook group. I go live in it. We post challenges and it’s convert on camera. It’s in Facebook. Go join that. Just go join a tribe where you can show up and be messy. You can play, you can learn. And I think that’s part of it is you have to be willing to feel silly in the beginning of anything that you do. And it starts with just taking the next step. Just like anything in life, sometimes rage when you’re at that place and you’re like, “Oh my God, I know that this is right, but I’m scared. What do I do?” It’s just taking that leap of faith. You’ll always find there’s a net there to catch you.

So I would say, first of all, go join my community and get support and start learning what we teach. I think the academy is a no brainer and that’s the Super easy. It’s super affordable. And again, it’s start learning because everything is scary until you learn it’s not. So realize though that by you continually putting off being visible, you are just creating more work for yourself.

Because when you learn how to duplicate yourself, when you learn how to be visible, when you’re off on vacation or when you’re with your kids or whatever that is leverage. We need to learn that we don’t have to be on camera all the time. We need a plan of how we’re going to show up and serve people. So start. Understand that your life and business depends on people knowing about you. And you can decide to keep being the best kept secret or you can choose today that you’re no longer going to be the best kept secret and you’re going to go out there and start changing lives.

“We don’t have to be on camera all the time. We need a plan of how we’re going to show up and serve people. So start. Understand that your life and business depends on people knowing about you. And you can decide to keep being the best kept secret or you can choose today that you’re no longer going to be the best kept secret and you’re going to go out there and start changing lives.” ~Keri Murphy

Absolutely. Amen to that, sister. Let’s go back to how people can connect with you. Let’s talk about the website where people can go to tap into more information of some of these programs that you have. Let’s then also talk about whether you have a newsletter or something like that that gives people some knowledge. Let’s talk about, again, the name of your Facebook group that people can join. Let’s talk about social media. How can people hang out with you?

Let’s do it. So if you go to the website Inspired Living TV, we have a brand, a guide. So many people ask me, “Keri, how do I build out my studio? What do I need next?” We have a be studio ready guide. So everyone asked me, “What do I need to set up my home studio? What equipment do I need?” And this is a really great place, whether you’re just starting out or you’re more advanced, you can figure out how to set up your home studio and what you need to look amazing.

I’ll tell you, a little lighting and a microphone goes a long way. So you can go get that as a free resource. And when you do that, you will also subscribe to the Inspired Living weekly vlog that goes out where I’m sharing constant content and how tos, which I also share on Instagram and Inspired Living TV. Go hang with me there. I’m always on Instagram. I’m on all the platforms. But I would say that’s kind of the main one where we hang out. You can DM me. I will personally respond. And then your other question was newsletter.

Do you have a newsletter? Facebook. I wanted you to mention the name of it again.

The Facebook group is Convert On Camera. We don’t want you to just be amazing on camera for the sake of being amazing on camera. We want you using video to grow your business to leverage and create that wealth I was talking about. So I’m really passionate about that. So we’re going to teach you how to use video in a way that converts people from stalkers to fans to buyers. Go to that Facebook group. Hang out with me there. Instagram is at Inspired Living TV.

And then when you go to the website and we’re giving you lots of things to do, but get that Be Studio Ready Guide and subscribe to the email list and you’ll get notifications of my events, the challenges that I do, which are amazing. I mean, the results we get in five days with people. It’s so fun. It’s so fun to see. So subscribe there and join the Inspired Living family. I will say it’s such an amazing community of people who really feel called to make a bigger difference in the world and know they have to be seen to do it.

Absolutely. And the URL for the website again.

Inspired Living dot TV, like television.

Love everything about our conversation. Keri, thank you so much for coming on and sharing your insights. You full on opened that door girlfriend. I mean the wealth of wisdom, the resources, the insights. I know I’m very confident actually, like pun not intended, but I’m very confident that everyone watching, listening and reading this really got true value. Thank you for coming on and come back.

I would love to. My sincere pleasure. You’re just such an amazing woman. Thank you for the work that you do and thank you for allowing me to share my passion with your community too.

Absolutely, sweetheart. And we share, right? That’s the way we grow.

That’s right.

Thank you, my love.

You’re welcome.

Absolutely. Guys. I really hope that you got some real value from today’s show. In fact, I know that you did. I want you to just go and think about all the people out there you feel need to get today’s insights and please share it with them. I also hope that you’ll subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the notification button at The Open Chest Confidence Academy so you’ll never miss an episode. We drop them on Wednesday, so just make a note of that.

And for those of you who prefer to just listen or hang out via audio platforms, we are on podcast platforms at The Transform Your Confidence Show. I want you guys to share that with everyone because the feedback that we’ve been getting from people is that they truly do feel that this is a valuable resource to assisting their journeys, to empowering their confidence. And with you, really the most important thing, and that’s actionable insights, guys with resources. But we always hear people say that knowledge is cheap. I personally don’t feel it is because I feel that there is a formula here. You need the knowledge, you need the resources, you need the actions, and then you need the proper mindset to get the work done.

All of these pieces together are going to give you the success that you need. And I hope that what we talk about each and every week helps you on some level accomplish some of that. You can also read about this podcast on our blog at And guys, I say this every single week because I simply adore each and every one of you and you know that I will see you next week for another invaluable episode packed with insights and learnings, just like this one with Keri.

And I really hope that it will empower your work, your life and your spirit, because that’s the goal for me. Guys, I absolutely adore you. Come and hang out with me. You know, everywhere that I am. I’m here to serve you because that’s what makes me happy. That’s really my big WHY and you know that.

Take care of yourselves, and I’ll see you next week.

To contact Keri Murphy: Web, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

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