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How to Leverage Video to Build and Scale Your Business, With Keri Murphy

Raj Girn: My guest today is the founder and CEO of Inspired Living, Keri Murphy, a media veteran who has appeared on multiple media platforms like MTV, Fox, NBC and E! to name a few. She has spent 23 years in the entrepreneurial arena where she honed her skills and is a sought after speaker […]

How to Brand Your Wow Factor With Authenticity, With Sandy Grigsby

Raj Girn: My guest today is Sandy Grigsby, a self-image branding expert and the founder of Briofive, a personal branding photography studio. Here’s a bit about her before we say hello. Sandy is a TEDx speaker, an author and a confidence catalyst. My kind of people. For over 17 years, she has explored and cultivated […]

Are women programmed to fail in business?

“History shows that women lead to nurture and men nurture to lead. These are opposite, complimentary traits, where one cannot optimally exist without the other, so why is there an ongoing gender gap in business?” ~ Raj Girn Hi Friends, Do you believe that society has created an infrastructure that viscerally challenges and disqualifies women from earning money? I […]

Branding IS success. Let that sink in . . .

“Don’t be everywhere like paint. Be in the exact right place like a painting.” ~ Raj Girn Hi Friends, Ever thought why some companies are synonymous with success, while others just cannot seem to get off the ground. And why some companies that were once successful, are seeing a steady decline despite having been around for a long […]

Part 4: Leadership Communication Is All In The Mind With Joya Dass

Raj Girn: Hi, everyone, and welcome to ‘The Transform Your Confidence Show.’ Today is the last part of a four-part series called Leadership Communication is All in Your Mind. Along with my guests, all of whom have been founders and CEOs, we have shared insights on how leaders should incorporate effective communications to get optimal buy-in […]

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