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Am I Living the Right Life, With Mahima


Raj Girn: My guest today is the founder of The Mahima Mindset, Mahima, who is one of Europe’s top self-mastery and leadership mentors, an international bestselling author, coach and speaker who has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. And she is going to help us unpack and answer this week’s big question: Am I living the right life?

Here is our conversation:

Raj Girn: Please welcome to the show the fabulous Mahima. So happy to have you on, my love.

Mahima: Oh, thank you so much, Raj, for that amazing introduction. I’m always amazed when I hear about all my accolades. That’s awesome. And it’s just a joy to be in a conversation about transformation and awakening and living your truth. So I’m just delighted to be here. Thank you so much for this.

Well, I’m so honored, my lovely lady. And I’m going to dive right in and we’re going to go on a bit of a journey together. And everyone watching, listening and reading this, stop whatever you’re doing because this is going to be a treat. Mahima, before you developed The Mahima Mindset, which we’ll tap into shortly, can you share who you were?

Credit: IN@mahimamindset

Who I was? I was broken. I was sad. I was lost. Confused. I was beautiful but didn’t know it. I was thin but didn’t feel it. I was 23 years old and I’d had a divorce. And in the marriage, I saw aspects of myself that were disturbing because of my childhood and the traumas that I’d experienced back then. So the traumas varied from mental, physical, and emotional abuse to sexual abuse from my stepfather.

And I didn’t know about working on yourself. I didn’t know you could heal. I didn’t know about transforming your mindset, transforming your emotional body and really feeling amazing, and operating on a high level of energy. So I was young, bubbly, and enthusiastic. The good qualities, of course. It’s not like you would see me and think, “Oh, she’s miserable.” This was all hidden under the façade we all are taught to wear that makes us look good and that makes everyone think we are okay. But behind closed doors, in the silence of our own hearts, we’re struggling. And that was me before.

There’s so much you’ve shared there, which I feel that our watchers, listeners and readers here are going to be able to align with either their own personal journey or a journey of someone that is close to them. It could be someone that’s in the workforce. It could be in a community scenario. We’ve all faced some level of exposure to traumatic experiences.

It’s always very challenging for us as humans to be able to say that we have the courage to be able to at least find the place that we need to go in order to get away from the things that aren’t serving us. It’s a very difficult, challenging thing to do, which is why there are so many books written on it. There’s religions that talk about it, the society infrastructure that touches on it. And on the reverse side of that Mahima, they also grow it. They grow the traumas, right? Like we we know this, right?

“It’s always very challenging for us as humans to be able to say that we have the courage to be able to at least find the place that we need to go in order to get away from the things that aren’t serving us.” ~Raj Girn

So, yes, all of the things that you’ve accomplished and you’ve become this enlightened embodiment of fabulous female, right? Look at you. You are going on smiling. I can I feel the energy in and around you and I’m honored to be in your presence. And I want to ask you, what was that pivotal moment or moments where you said, this is not the life I want to live and I need to find an alternative? Before we talk about what you did to get there, what would be pivotal moments?

I was with my first husband and we were having a massive argument in his office. It was like up on the 20th floor of this building with beautiful views over the city of Harare. And, back then, I used to do the Alexis Carrington type of white shirt and tight pencil skirt and high heels. So I was doing all of that, feeling very full of myself. And we started talking about what we were going to do over the weekend. And then it just twisted into one of our raging arguments.

But this time it was explosive. And we both got very loud. And he pushed me onto the couch and ran out of his office, I guess in embarrassment. He just ran and I chased after him. And when I got to his office door all the other staff members were all just sort of sitting there looking because they’d just seen him rush out and they’d heard all the screaming.

And then they saw me and I was embarrassed for about 2.3 seconds. But then went back into my rage and followed him. He went down the elevator. I went down the elevator. He jumped in his car. I jumped in my car and we were having a crazy street chase going through red traffic lights.

Oh, my gosh.

Yes. Screeching wheels turning. And I was just in a rage. And I just wanted to get him in his car. And at one point, I lost control of the car.

Oh, my gosh.

And everything kind of became silent. And the car just started to spin. It’s been been in slow motion and I just saw it heading towards the big baobab tree. If you know, these trees in Zimbabwe, have huge, big trunks. And my car was just heading directly into that. I saw a light flashing by. I thought, this is it. And then shortly before the tree hit me, I just woke up from the daze and I hit the brakes and millimeters from the tree the car stopped.

Oh, my gosh.

Yeah. And in the dead of the silence, I just closed my eyes. And I just wept and I thought, I’m out of control and this has to change. And I made a decision that night to jump on the first flight I could get and go to a friend of mine in Miami. I was in Zimbabwe back then. So I could just get distance between the story and try to come back to my sanity. That was the turning point.


That was the turning point that led to the trip to Miami, led me to open up Fort Hood and doors to this new world of personal growth, which I can tell you all about later. But that was a pivotal moment where, had that not happened, I might not be that amazing, transformed woman that I am today.

I love that.


If you didn’t make that fundamental decision. Before you actually developed The Mahima Mindset. And this point where you landed in Miami. That gap in there. What happened during that time for you? Can you shed some light on the transformative journey that you went through from the woman that wasn’t happy to the woman that founded The Mahima Mindset?

Absolutely. So I had the opportunity in Miami to meet this guy who had spent a lot of his time in India with an Indian guru in an Indian ashram. I didn’t know that at the time when I met him in Miami. So we hung out. He became a friend. And then later on, I went back to Zimbabwe, decided to get divorced. And then I met this friend in Milan. And he said to me, “You are a mess. You need to go to India.”

Because I was to go back to Miami and study to become a chef because I was very passionate about food. And he was like, “That is a bad idea. You’re not in the state to go anywhere. You need to go to India.” And I didn’t know about meditation. I didn’t know about personal growth. I wasn’t looking for anything. But I was so messy that it just made sense. It just made sense. And for some reason, I just said yes. I bought a one way ticket that day.

I love this story.

I ended up in the Poona ashram. And in my first ever meditation, I’m sitting there with all of these people wearing white robes, dancing, screaming the name of the guru who’d already passed away at that stage, a year before. But they were all gathering and I thought, where am I? This is mad. I was judgmental. I felt that this is not my place. I didn’t know what I was doing there. But then the guru came on this big screen and he started talking and everything he said it was like he was saying to me.

It was as if he had prepared the whole Darshan for me. And the hairs on the back of my head stood up. I was staring at him. I was hearing about a type of spirituality, a type of well-being, a type of light that I’d never heard in my whole entire life. And I was like a sponge absorbing it. And I looked around me and I saw people closing their eyes in meditation. And I didn’t know what meditation was, but I just closed my eyes to mimicking the people around me.

I closed my eyes and I experienced the deep inner peace, a profound sense of peace and joy that I never consciously experienced in my entire life. And when I opened my eyes the hall that had been full with like a thousand people was empty. Because I had been so into just being there in this amazing feeling. That was my first day in the ashram. I was like, what just happened? This is crazy. So I went to bed. I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know who to talk to. I was just like, I don’t know what happened. And I went to bed. I slept.

The next day I woke up, the first thing I did was close my eyes to see if that wonderful feeling was still there. And it was. And then I sat for two hours meditating, not knowing how to meditate. And that’s how my journey started. So when I found meditation or when meditation found me, it was like a dolphin who’d been stranded on the beach, taking his last breath, and somebody pushed him back into the ocean. That’s what it felt like. And so I just embrace all of these teachings.

“When I found meditation or meditation found me, it was like a dolphin who’d been stranded on the beach, taking his last breath, and somebody pushed him back into the ocean. That’s what it felt like.” ~Mahima

And then six months later, I decided I needed a teacher in his body because I really wanted to understand. I felt enlightened. I needed to understand what enlightenment is. That’s how it went. And I spent five years in India with this amazing teacher, and then he passed away. And when he passed away, I just knew it. It’s my turn to teach. I have something to share. I’ve dedicated five years of my life, literally sitting, meditating for hours, learning everything I could about consciousness. And so I just thought it was natural for me to teach what I learned to others.

Wow, what a wonderful story. This leads me to the obvious question. What did you develop? It’s called the Mahima Mindset. Can you share this with everyone?

The Mahima Mindset is a way of thinking about yourself and the world around you. The human mindset is about understanding peace and love and joy that’s not dependent on external circumstances, events or people. It’s about the willingness to work on yourself so that you can be centered, grounded, powerful, joyful, and that you feel you are in charge of what’s happening inside of you.

So you’re not afraid of breaking down or burning out or having emotional breakdowns, getting depressed or getting into really dark places or anything because you understand who you are at your core. And who we are in the core is a spirit having a human experience. The essence is a soul, a spirit divine, whatever you want to call it. And the body is a container for that essence.

And when we allow ourselves to go inside and and just be, we can experience that essence and then it allows us to feel safe. Everything’s fine when you’re there in that center. You’re not worried about your bank account or your problems. They all disappear and you just experience oneness and wholeness. I love to teach people how to connect to that and then to figure out how to bring that essence into their day-to-day life so you don’t have that effect of on the yoga mat in my meditation. I feel amazing. But then when I go to my life, it’s a hot mess. My relationships are mess, my finances are mess. I’m fragmented. So there’s a lot of that that happens when people go on these spiritual journeys. Where they work a lot on their inner and they can connect deeply in those meditations. But then it all falls apart, how their life is unfolding. And The Mahima Mindset is about getting right inside to get right outside.

Credit: IN@mahimamindset

I love that line. So for those people who are very tactical, can you explain to them what you take people through on this mindset journey?

Absolutely. So I have an award-winning formula. Our system is a seven-step system. I call it the own your superstar training, and it is seven steps. First step is to understand self-love. Self-love is the foundation and the word self. This is not just me, Mahima. Self is the soul, your essence. So we need to love the Mahima. I need to love her unconsciously in her scaredness, in her tears, in her pain, in her sadness, but also in her brilliance, in her power, in her joy, in her beauty.

So we need to claim all of us. And the external us that people see and the spirit that is unseen but ever present and actually talks, walks and acts through this the me, the Mahima. So when you connect with your soul and you understand self-love, your body, mind, spirit becomes a vehicle for your soul to express itself in the world. So that’s the first part of the formula. When you are rooted in self love, you can then understand what I call your genius, your genius ego, super power. It is what your body is going to do with its time. That’s not just about your family or your close relationships. It’s your mission, your thing in the world that you are going to be known for.

“When you connect with your soul and you understand self-love, your body, mind, spirit becomes a vehicle for your soul to express itself in the world.” ~Mahima

Like in my case, I’m a self mastery mentor. Someone else could be a master chef. Someone else could be a car mechanic. It’s a passion that you have and the skill that you have that allows you to operate in the genius zone. And it’s very important to know what that is. So I take people into deep dive, to hack their genius and understand what that is. Some people already know it, but they need to figure out how they’re going to use it. That brings me to the third point. It’s your mission. What are you going to do with this superpower? It’s not about you. Because if you don’t have a powerful mission, you will crash and burn. Because there’s too much me, me, me. I’m the genius. I’m a genius. Look at me.

Now you’ve got to take this talent and serve humanity. I call that your mission. I help people understand their genius and get clear about their mission. What usually happens once you got these things happening, fear sets in. Because you’re going to start living a completely different life. If you’ve been living a life, for example, making money just for the sake of it, without even making money doing what you love. And I suddenly come to you and I say, “Listen, we’re going to change your life. I’m going to get you to make money with what you love.” But you’re rooted in that. “No, I have bills to pay. I can’t go on fancy trips finding my genius and mission. And I need to pay my rent. I need to pay my kids’ school fees.” So fear comes up and I help you deal with that fear.

That’s a big one.

Yes. And then the fifth element is relationships. We hack all of your relationships so that you can let go of the toxic relationships that no longer serve you, and also so that you can deepen the relationships or heal the relationships with the people that you need to do that with. So we work a lot on that. And then we have the the vision. The sixth step is, if you don’t have a bigger vision, something that is calling you each day to be in radical action and do all of these things you’re doing, it feels very pointless.


I didn’t have a bigger vision until my 40th birthday. I was just living moment by moment, living in the place of the moment. And then I reached 40 and I hadn’t reached even half of my potential. So I woke up. I understood. No, you need to have a big, juicy vision that excites you and that you know that every day you’re stepping towards that and you’re taking decisions. That’s how you know, if you’re taking the right decision. If you don’t have a big vision, you don’t know if you’re taking the right decisions, you don’t know where you’re going. And most of the times that means you go in circles.

But the bigger vision is direction and it’s very important. So that’s the sixth step. And the last one is to embody abundance. I love to teach people how to they need to deal with their money mindset so that they’re not self-sabotaging themselves or making decisions based on money. You want to do something? You don’t say, “I don’t have the money.” You decide if you want to do that thing and then you see the money being manifested. You go and get the money. You make the money happen. It is a complete way of looking at life. So I want people to understand you deserve abundance on all levels. You deserve abundant relationships. You deserve abundant finances. And you deserve to feel abundant in whatever you’re doing. So that’s the seventh step in my seven-step formula.

Self-love, your genius, your mission. transcend fear, upgrade your relationships. And the sixth one is create a bigger vision. And your last one is abundance. Embody abundance. If you don’t feel abundant, you can’t create abundance. And you’ve got to feel abundance even when you don’t have the abundance. And that feeling of abundance, even when you don’t have it, comes from your soul. Because when you’re connected to your soul, you realize you don’t need anything. You could literally sit in a jail cell and feel total bliss, contentment and wholeness. So that is the richness that you need to feel if you want to create more abundance on other levels. So that’s my formula. That’s how we take people through this transformation.

“When you’re connected to your soul, you realize you don’t need anything. You could literally sit in a jail cell and feel total bliss, contentment and wholeness. So that is the richness that you need to feel if you want to create more abundance on other levels.” ~Mahima

So how do people tap into this? Do you have an online scenario? Is it a group thing? Do people do this with you one-on-one? Walk us through that process.

I love people to be in groups and I think it is essential when I see how fragmented people are becoming in terms of how they associate with each other. And also because of my personal experience, what happened to me on that first ever meditation. I was in a group that created an energy field and that’s why I was able to drop into this incredibly enlightened state, just like that. So that is what happens when you bring people together to work consciously. It creates an energy field that is literally electric.

I’ve had students heal themselves from traumas that they had been battling with for years. Coming to the group experience and just feeling like it left their system physically, emotionally and mentally. And then they went away from that event, able to operate differently because they literally shifted something out of their system. So I totally believe in the power of the group. I can transmit on or offline. It doesn’t matter because the soul is not bound by us being in a room together. You can be in a room together and you’re totally disconnected from the person that’s sitting right next to you. And look at us here, soulfully connecting, energetic and bonding in a very profound way. And you’re on the other side of the planet.

So I don’t believe in off versus online. It’s not a problem. We do three-day events on and offline where we take people who are on superstar training. And over those three days we cover that formula. So that’s one way that people engage with us. We also have a longer 12-month mentorship for those people who come to the three day and want to continue. And we’ll take them through a year of transformation.

And then another thing we do as well is, of course, I have my YouTube channel. I have a free gift where I offer a bunch of things. I can tell you about that. If you just want to dip your toes into the human mindset, then I have a beautiful gift that I can offer your listeners. And of course we do one-on-one coaching as well.

So with all of this said, all of which is going to speak to different people because we all like to learn and engage and we’re all in different spaces, but we’re all different. I love the fact that you have various different ways of doing what you do. I want to be able to allow people to step into your world with your permission. Where do we send them?

We send them to There you’re going to receive a free gift. You’re going to receive my international bestselling book called The Rebels Guide to Peace where you’re going to get my three steps to inner peace.

Credit: FB@MahimaMindset

If you’ve ever wondered what’s all this about inner peace? The book is going to entertain you because I’m all into entertainment. Because that’s how I came to all of this with a very light hearted spirit. So you’re going to laugh, you’re going to cry, and you’re going to learn while you’re reading the book. And then you’re also going to get my seven days reprogram your mind. And that is a seven-day journey to think about the world differently than how you’re thinking about it right now.

We have limiting beliefs. We don’t even realize we have them because some people are like, “Oh, I don’t have that thought.” These thoughts are happening subconsciously, so you might think you clean something up on a conscious level, but it’s there still in the subconscious, the messiness going on here. This Reprogram Your Mind is a powerful tool to get into the subconscious mind and do some cleaning up over there.

And then there’s a 21-day meditation challenge, which is just a beautiful way to either advance your meditation practice or start a meditation practice. Either way, you’re going to love it because it’s just 15 minutes a day. I choose a topic and I work with stillness. So there’s no music playing because stillness is good for the soul. I want more people to not be afraid of it and to not be like “I need to escape my thoughts.”

So this is going to help if you have those issues. My meditation people always tell me I can’t believe how fast I can actually feel calm and still do that. Those three gifts, the book, the seven days Reprograming Your Mind and the 21-day meditation challenge is a great place for people to get their feet wet into the human mindset.

And this is all on your website

Yes. The Mahima Mindset.

Guys you heard it right here, And you also mentioned a YouTube channel. What is that?

The YouTube channel I believe is the same name. If you Google me, you’ll see everything there is to see.

That’s wonderful. So let me talk to you a little bit Mahima about a few fundamentals that although they may seem obvious after listening to some of what you’ve spoken about may not be for those people who aren’t inclined into this realm, into this mindset.

So let me ask you this: What is the big promise here? Like, if a person is to do all these things and to become the person that you say that they will become from all of this? What should they expect to have accomplished for themselves?

An inner peace, a love and joy that’s not dependent on external circumstances, events or people. Can you imagine to be able to have that power inside of you when you know whatever is happening in my external environment does not define me? I’m not the big one. It’s huge. I’m not looking for validation from my work. No, my work is a vehicle through which I can pull my soul and my joy and my light into.

“An inner peace, a love and joy that’s not dependent on external circumstances, events or people. Can you imagine to be able to have that power inside of you when you know whatever is happening in my external environment does not define me?” ~Mahima

My work isn’t the thing that’s going to make me survive life on planet Earth and outside I’m crushed. And I have nothing. Well, no. Your work is a place to explore the beauty of life. Your relationships are relationships.

A lot of us live in fear of loss. And that loss can be death. It can just be someone leaving you. Imagine being able to have such a love to yourself and an understanding of life. I came into this world with nothing. I’m going to leave with nothing. I own nothing. Nothing belongs to me. And it can disappear at any second, including my physical body. Now you’re free. Now you understand freedom. And you can live.


And now you can show up in those relationships. And you can give all of your heart. You can give all of you. Because you’re not afraid of someone breaking your heart. They can break your soul. Yeah, they could bruise the ego and the ego could feel shattered and upset. But if you know you’re not your ego, you allow that relationship to go and you’re thankful. You say thank you for what you have given me. Thank you for what we’ve managed to share. If we are no longer good for each other, even if I still wanted to be with you. But you are happier not being with me. I sent you away with grace, with beauty, with love.

So what people can expect is to become a kind, loving, respectful, being to yourself and others because you understood the big fundamental of life, which is the answer to the question, who am I? You’re not your body. You’re not your story. You’re not your family, your friends, your car, money, obsessions and all of that. You are the spirit having the human experience. And that spirit has a vibrational frequency of unconditional love. And it’s the most powerful force in the universe as far as I am concerned.

Yep. Absolutely. Agreed. There’s so much that you share there, which I think is so beautifully explained. And for those people out there who this speaks to them but they don’t have that bridge between where they are in their life right now to having, I don’t know if it would be courage or discipline or focus, whatever that thing is that they need to say, “I am ready to do this work. I’m ready to go from here to over here.” What is that thing that they need to find to help them get over there? Which and the getting over there is actually doing, starting the work to become who they need to be.

You need a teacher. You need to recognize when the teacher comes to you. So it’s not even about, “Oh, I got to find a teacher.” It’s a frequency. And then you need to be able to recognize “I’m done with the old me.” Now, you don’t have this, then you need to suffer a little bit more. I say to people, It’s no problem. You’re not done suffering. And that’s okay. There’s a beloved. You’ve got to be done. You’ve got to be like, “There’s got to be another way to do this.” There’s got to be a question mark.

Even if you don’t know that you have that question mark until somebody appears and says, “Hey, if you’re hearing this podcast, I need you here because you need this message to be somewhere else.” So of course you can just say, “Oh yeah, that’s nice.” and you can move on with your life or you can really ask yourself, “Do I live my full potential? Am I really happy? What is my mental and emotional state of being most of the time? And am I living most of the time in worry, stress, restlessness, a sense of confusion? Or do I live in clarity, passion, joy, peace?”

Credit: IN@mahimamindset

And people can’t believe that you can actually have 80 per cent of the time where you’re in those states. But it is possible. I’ve done it and I’ve seen my students do it. That came on the campus when you ask the question of what was the most beautiful thing about your day? There was just nothing coming. They couldn’t even answer that one question. I know it sounds crazy. Like I’d be able to answer that, but most people would be like, “Honestly, I don’t think there was anything.” So those are those are the telltales.

Even on my darkest days, I can list 20 things that were amazing about my day. It’s a shift of perspective. The beauty, the bad, it doesn’t go anywhere. Just your focus drifts away. And if you understood that, most people are living epic lives, especially people that have the opportunity to be able to listen to podcasts like this. But they don’t know how to enjoy it. And that’s a lot of people. We were doing some stats around our event and we realized that burnout, depression, breakdowns and suicide are on the rise in highly educated society.


I mean Y and Z tell us like if kids are starting to be depressed and you know and have to deal with those type of emotions. So we’ve been taught mental education. But we haven’t been taught how to education.


And people are like, well, the parents should be doing that. But I’m sorry, where would the parents get that wisdom from? And then people say religion is going to give us that. Well, there’s the problem because on one hand, there’s some good aspects on religion, but on the other hand, there’s some not so good aspects.

I can just talk about myself. You know my story. I had to remove so many limiting beliefs and fears. I was terrified of God. I was terrified because I heard you had to be a God fearing Christian. So I was like, instead of the divine energy, I was terrified of the devil because I was told that he’s going to get me and he’s everywhere. And you better take care. I was broken sexually because being called a whore, a slut, and being slut shamed by my religious family.

So those are all the things that you might not think about because you’re just in that story and you wouldn’t think to question this. During my journey in India, I got to sit and I got to really question myself. And that’s where I realized so much. I could heal myself and I could understand that the so called God, this divine presence, is the most beautiful presence in the universe. And I could embrace it and heal.

I understood that every thing has a shadow. So there’s shadow and light. So the devil comes from the same source, the light. If the light didn’t exist . . . The darkness and the light are needed together. So I understood this oneness where you don’t have fear. There’s nothing that’s going to come and get you. What would come and get you when you’re connected to the most powerful source in the universe, which is your soul loving presence? All the fear vanished.

There’s nothing that’s going to come and get you. What would come and get you when you’re connected to the most powerful source in the universe, which is your soul loving presence? All the fear vanished.~Mahima

I couldn’t sleep with the light off because I was so terrified of seeing something or experiencing something weird. All that disappeared. Sexually, I’ve healed myself. I activated my sexual chakra. Lots of healing, loads of trauma work and exercises, which I, by the way, help people with.

So this is what I want to share with people. We are not conscious of the damage until we may be in a conversation like this one. Like I was in a conversation with that Indian guru for the first time and he was talking and then I started to understand what had happened to me that had made me into this quite sad, shriveled, small person.

And then having those teachings, making me understand that I am a divine presence. I am like, I am love. And then I could start to feel that expansion. And through that connection, I could heal myself. It’s an ongoing journey. So it’s not like you’re healed and that’s the story. But it is so worth it because you have a confidence inside of yourself that nobody can ever take away from you.

No harsh word. You might be upset for a moment. Not nice to hear harsh words. But then you return back to knowing compassion for that person who said those harsh words because they’re just living the story themselves. They probably heard harsh words too and now they just do what they were told to.

Right, right, right.

So your whole relationship with the world is transforming and it’s a more playful, light, curious, opening experience.

Right. Absolutely. So much there. Guys, if you’re just tuning in, I am having a fabulous, very deep and meaningful, very aligned conversation with the fabulous Mahima. She’s talking about The Mahima Mindset. Just go and check out the Mahima mindset dot com website. Everything you need to know is there. Anything that is speaking to you that you feel you need to know more about? Please go over there. I encourage you to do so. I know that we’re getting close to closing things out, but I want to loop back to today’s theme. Mahima, I want to remind you what it is. Am I living the right life? So I want to ask you this from your perspective, how can a person know? How do they know?

So the minimum mindset is that it’s about reaching a clarity that you don’t question anymore. There are certain stages you go to. If you’re asleep, there needs to be an awakening. There needs to be something that wakes you up, like, “Hey, I’m ready to learn more about something else, another way of living.” So that’s the second stage. Then you go through a second phase. And in the second phase you’re meditating, you’re hanging around a transformation group. You’re doing daily practices.

Some people get stuck over there in the seeking phase. In the second phase, you answer the question to the most powerful questions of life. Who am I? You really understand. What you get to is there’s no doubt in your mind that you’ve experienced home because you’ve experienced it. So nobody can take that experience away from you, like the same way you’ve experienced sadness then we’ve experienced frustration. You can experience inner peace and when you’ve experienced it, that becomes your experience.

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When you’re in the seeking phase, you learn how to root yourself that regardless of what’s happening externally, you can come back home, you can relax, let go soft and be gentle and return back to this source energy. And there is where you have clarity about, what am I doing here? But then you move to the next stage, which is integration. So integration is the phase where you work on the external internal environment and you build a strong foundation in yourself.

And in the integration phase you go and you work on the external life. That’s when you start transforming your relationship with your parents as far as it can be transformed, as far as they’re willing to meet you and you’re willing to meet them. But people, when they come on my campus, their relationship with their parents changes for the better. Regardless of how fragmented it was. Then you work on your job. You’re like, “I deserve the very best that life has to offer. I feel amazing and I have the energy to go out there.” Because you understand manifestation. You understand that you’re not just working with the logical mind to create things in your life. You are working with universal presence and power.

So once you understand that, you start to make better decisions about what you’re going to be doing and you have the courage to stop doing the things that no longer serve you because now you enjoy feeling strong. You enjoy feeling centered. So if you’re in a situation that constantly makes you feel shitty, constantly makes you feel small, you’re going to be like, “No, I don’t deserve this.” And you’re going to be able to pivot. You learn the power of letting go. I can let go of this because I trust that I’m a magnet to beautiful things to manifest in my life. If I have a job that doesn’t serve me, I can let it go.

And the universe, the God, the presence, whatever you want to call it, is going to provide me with more, with better opportunities that fit to my genius that will allow me to execute on my mission. So this is how you know. When you’re able to wake up in the morning and instead of feeling scared and confused, you feel centered, you feel grounded, you feel you’ve done the journey of understanding who you are in that second phase. You’ve also done the journey in the integration phase.

And then you move to alignment. Alignment is when your inner world and your outer world in alignment. So you’re not just thinking of having a healthy body and a beautiful relationship. You’ve created the right and the beautiful relationship. You’re not just thinking it would be lovely to have my own successful company. You have created your success with that. I call this alignment.

And then the last stage is contribution. When you don’t have to worry any more about where you’re going to be buried or of this toxic thing or that, because you’ve taken care of that stuff in the integration and alignment stage. So now you just get to show up and work your life. I’m so excited about this trajectory that I take people on because a lot of people get stuck in the seeking phase.

And when you can understand, no, you’re on a pathway of growth. And it’s not a hierarchy. I want to make that super clear. It is linear. Like is a baby more important than an old man? No, it isn’t. It’s just gone through that growth process the same way someone sleeping awakened seeks integrate, aligns contributes. And you want to contribute when you’ve taken care of your own shit, if I can use that word.

Yeah, of course.

And now you can really be in that power. And you see many people out there that are able to really make a meaningful difference because they have the energy, they have the resilience, they have the grounding. But if you’re battling with negative feelings but you’re trying to contribute over here, it can be very detrimental for you.

“Many people out there that are able to really make a meaningful difference because they have the energy, they have the resilience, they have the grounding. But if you’re battling with negative feelings but you’re trying to contribute over here, it can be very detrimental for you.” ~Mahima

Absolutely. Yeah. And it’s like anything in life, there’s this one thing that’s going to lead to the next that will lead to the next, that will lead to the next. And you just flow through it.

You have got to just do the work. You’ve just got to trust the process. You’ve got to trust yourself, even if you don’t know what’s going on. Just trust that your highest self knows where you’re going and just allow it to pull you until you can pull yourself.

Surround yourself with amazing people. Do not try to do this on your own. That is my biggest, biggest lesson that I’ve learned. And I’ve learned it the hard way. Even my business, I was 15 years into trying to, make something out of my personal growth business and academy. And I was struggling financially dependent on my husband because some ego trip made me think I was going to be able to do something I’ve never, ever done by myself. And then I finally woke up one day and I was like, I need a business coach.

My life completely transformed. It literally blew up and I got that help. I said, you need a personal growth mentor. Get a personal growth mentor. The secret of working with any mentors is that you need to be humble and you need to be willing to say, you know something that I don’t. And even if I can shed, even if I’m not sure about this, I’m going to give it a go. Because where I am, I know where I am, what I’ve been doing. I know what I’ve been doing. What you’re asking me to do is uncomfortable, but it’s something new. So it can only create new results for me.

Right? Absolutely. And for us to close off my I’m going to ask you just for any final words you’d like to leave everyone with before we close off? Especially, I think I’d like to address for people who aren’t bought into the importance of striving to live their right life. Let’s address that before I let you go.

So if you’re not bought into this, for example, which I wasn’t. This is not how I was brought up. Recognize that opportunity. It comes to you in a podcast. It comes to you in a book. It’s just random. I see people asking for something that’s right in front of their face. And I’ve had people approach me at my event where I’m teaching, saying to me, “Where can I find a personal growth mentor?” Can you believe that?

I’m teaching personal growth, and I’ve had women come up to me, and not just one or two but multiple, and say, “Hmm, you talked about finding a coach and a mentor. Where can I find one?” I’m like, “Sweetheart, you’re looking at one. It’s right in front of you.” And then they would laugh, and it’s, like, so crazy. So a lot of us don’t see what’s right in front of us because we love to live in confusion.

Credit: FB@MahimaMindset

Right, Right.

Opportunities are coming every day. It is the nature of the beauty of life that opportunities will keep coming to you. So if you have a calling to have help, you will find the help. But you’ve got to recognize it when it comes. There you are. That’s what I asked for. And it’s not just with the help of a coach or something. It’s with any opportunities in life. When we live in confusion, it can come right there. It’s right there. We wouldn’t even see it.

They did this test once where there were people that had the mindset that they weren’t lucky. So they walked around, thinking they are not lucky. And they would say this all the time. And so they were putting $100 bills on the ground. And the people that had the belief that they weren’t lucky didn’t see the money on the ground. And then they did the same, except, of course, with the people that believed that they were very lucky. That was their belief. And of course, they all saw the money on the ground.

This is so interesting. And it’s such a simple experiment. To think how can a person not see? Because we don’t. We don’t only see with our eyes. That’s the thing, right? And that’s what this test proved.

Exactly. You seeing with the filter of your social and upbringing. To you seeing through that filter. And that’s what the work will help you to do. It will help you remove the filters that you can see. Let’s say, if you are one of those people that if you are not lucky that you see that this is the story you’re telling yourself and that that story doesn’t serve you anymore. You can let it go and you can start experiencing being so lucky that it will blow your own mind.


So, yes, get involved, guys. If you’re at this stage of this podcast, it’s because you’re already you would be hungry for something. And just keep saying, “yes.” That’s what I say to people. Just keep saying yes to the opportunities that will flood into your world, but recognize them when they come.

Absolutely. Loved our conversation, Mahima. Thank you for coming on the show and for sharing your deep and meaningful and oh so relevant philosophies. I absolutely adore you.

Thank you. Thank you so much, Raj. You’re amazing. Your life is extraordinary. I just felt held in this incredibly loving heart that you have. And it’s just an honor and a privilege to have met you. And I want more. I want more Raj.

I want more Mahima. So it’s going to happen. So we will absolutely connect because we came across each other not by accident. We came across each other for a reason. And so that definitely requires exploring. Thank you again.

Thank you, everybody. Love you. Thank you so much.

Thank you, my love. So, folks, if you’d like to learn more about what we touched upon today, there was so much that we covered, so much that Mahima covered. I was just in awe of every word that she was sharing with each of us. I encourage you to head on over to website. Everything is going to be right over there.

And as usual, I really hope that you got some real value from today’s show and will share it with everyone you know who you feel needs to get today’s insights. I also hope that you’ll subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the notification button at The Open Chest Confidence Academy so you’ll never miss an episode whenever we drop it every other Wednesday.

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