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Thank you to the 1,000+ people who signed up to learn about branding the right way!

I want to start things off today in gratitude for the 1000+ people from around the world who have registered for my very first (of 11) masterclasses, after launching the series 11 days ago 🥳🎉🎉

Hi Friends,

I’m thrilled to be sharing this news with you today, because it means that the work that my team and I are putting into launching this new masterclass series is resonating with what is needed right now in terms of professional development

We didn’t know what to expect when we launched the series, so we’re super stoked that it’s something that has gotten the response that it has. The fact that 1,000+ people from around the world have signed up for the first masterclass, is the validation that we needed to tell us that we’re on the right track in serving you

If you’re one of the people who signed up – This. Is. Everything. THANK YOU 🙏🏽  If you’re still on the fence about registering or perhaps you missed last week’s newsletter announcing it, here’s what you need to know . . . 

After 30 years in the entrepreneurial arena, with 20 of them in media, communications, marketing, and events, I have launched an online e-learning community this past December 2020 at, to provide professional development in branding, media, communications, marketing, and more.

For those of you new to my world, my team and I have launched some free resources & one for-pay service that you can tap into, depending on what you’re looking to accomplish:

Our free portfolio:

  • A twice a week coaching show on podcast platforms at Apple, Google, and Spotify, as well as at our YouTube channel.
  • A weekly coaching newsletter (which you’re reading right here).
  • A private Facebook group for networking purposes and members to pose questions for me to answer in an incubator setting.

Our service:

Work with me one-on-one in a high-touch, customized environment, virtually, for training, strategy, and accountability.

Areas that I coach, consult, and mentor on in the free and paid services:

Clearing & Healing | Mindset & Clarity | Goals, Milestones, Tasks Setting | Identity & Image | Branding & Story-telling | Media & Presentation Skills | Communications Strategy | Marketing Strategy | Networking Strategy | Holistic Leadership | Creating Community & Advocacy.

In addition to the above, I decided to create a series of FREE TRAININGS and host them in the 11 areas that I specialize in (stated above), called: 



These will be launched throughout the year, with the first one being branding themed, launching this upcoming Monday April 26th at 12pm EST (which will run for two weeks). This debut masterclass is called: 

The 6 Step Guide That Celebrities Use To Guarantee World-Class Brand Presence 

Dispelling The 4 Myths That Will Stop You From Getting It Right!

For full details and to sign up for free, CLICK HERE.

In a nutshell, here’s what you need to know . . . 

🌎 Because this is a free masterclass, you have nothing to lose & everything to gain.

🌎 The topic is essentially about building brand collateral and doing it right.

🌎 We have 6 time slots that we will be running this masterclass for, with the first one being this upcoming Monday, April 26th and the last one being next Wednesday, May 5th – at different times to accommodate the world market.

🌎 I will be sharing a 6-step process that I coach my clients on, to build the right brand for the right audience.

🌎 I’ll also be sharing the 4 myths that hold people back from getting it right. 🌎 My team will be sending out a free workbook closer to the date, to follow along and make notes.

🌎 Only attendees will be given access to ask me questions about their own brands in a free, private Q&A session after the masterclass.

🌎 Registrants will be first in line for the next masterclass‘ pre-public announcement for priority registration.

🌎 The platform that we are hosting the masterclass on has a cap on the amount of people that we can host, so sign up now if you’re planning on attending, to avoid disappointment.

🌎 All registrants who stay till the end will be given a thank you gift for doing so, to set them up to further expand their journey with their brand.

My goal is to teach you in 90 minutes, what has taken me 30 years in the entrepreneurial arena to learn and dial in

The insights that I’ve garnered along the way have been game-changing for me and my clients, and I’m confident that they will fast-track anyone’s journey, no matter what stage you’re at, as well as minimize your chance of failing (so long as the other components of your marketing strategy are dialed in of course). 

If you feel that there might be someone in your network who could benefit from this masterclass, please share the registration link with them.   Whether you’re newly creating a brand, re-imaging an old one, or completely re-branding to go in another direction with your business, this masterclass is for you

Until next time.

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