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Today’s Best PR Strategies To Create Business Growth Online, With Jay Feldman: Part 2

Raj Girn: This week’s 2-part series themed around Media & Communications is called: “Today’s Best Public Relations Strategies To Create Business Growth Online.” My guest this week is Dr. Jay Feldman, who is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of OtterPR. Here is Part Two of our conversation: Raj Girn: To someone that has just been in this […]

How To Build A Scalable Business Out Of A Passion Project, With Manan Khurma: Part 2

Raj Girn: My guest is an India-based mathematician and coder Manan Khurma, who is the founder of a leading online math, learning and coding company called Cuemath, available to grade school students in 20 countries worldwide, including the US, Canada, the UK and, of course, India. The company has taught over 200,000 students worldwide and just […]

Tips On Marketing To Scale Your Business The Right Way, With Sathish Bala: Part 2

Raj Girn: My guest is serial tech entrepreneur Sathish Bala, the founder of Schoolio, an online homeschooling education platform. Sathish has 25+ years in tech, even though he looks like a schoolboy, having built B2B and B2C start-ups throughout his professional career. He, in fact, has founded three companies to successful exits and has sold a staggering […]

Tips On Marketing To Scale Your Business The Right Way, With Sathish Bala: Part 1

Raj Girn: OK. Folks, thanks for tuning in to another great two-part series of `The Transform Your Confidence Show`. I’m your host and the founder of This week’s theme is Branding and Marketing. And I’ll be focusing more on the marketing over the next couple of months because I’ve done a whole lot of […]

How To Stand Out When Telling Your Story Online, With Veronica Chail-Gupta: Part 1

Raj Girn: With this week’s theme of Media and Communications, the goal is to dissect the art and craft of good storytelling. My guest is award-winning journalist, former university professor, and the founder of VC Strategies, Veronica Chail-Gupta. As a leading expert in organizational storytelling, strategic communications and media coaching, Veronica has more than 15 […]

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