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How Irresistible Am I, With Chellie Phillips

Raj Girn: In our first episode back, I will be focusing on what I feel needs to be a communications-themed episode, and it’s entitled How Irresistible Am I. My guest today is executive coach, speaker, trainer and change agent, Chellie Phillips, who has written two books entitled When in Doubt, Delete It and Get Noticed […]

Are women programmed to fail in business?

“History shows that women lead to nurture and men nurture to lead. These are opposite, complimentary traits, where one cannot optimally exist without the other, so why is there an ongoing gender gap in business?” ~ Raj Girn Hi Friends, Do you believe that society has created an infrastructure that viscerally challenges and disqualifies women from earning money? I […]

Why no business can be successful without a holistic communications strategy . . .

This Could Change Your Life . . . “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” ~ George Bernard Shaw  Hi Friends, We’ve all stumbled across this quote by the famous playwright Shaw at some point in time, but have we ever stopped to think about how powerful its message is in […]

Why a quote by Priyanka Chopra prompted me to launch a growth academy?

. . . Because I’ve started something new that I think you’ll be into . . . Hi Friends, I`m super psyched to share with you that I`ve soft launched an online Academy called THE OPEN CHEST® CONFIDENCE ACADEMY after 30 years in the entrepreneurial arena, (with 20 if them being in C-Suite as a […]

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