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Leadership & Advocacy: Leading your cause is the only plan you should have to better your life . . .

“The crux of failure is that people are driven by other people’s causes rather than their own. Focus on you and your life will line up to serve everyone else.” 
~ Raj Girn, Founder, The Open Chest® Confidence Academy

Hi Friend,

Here we are at the end of another month – the 10th month of the year to be exact, and I find myself reflecting on the year that so far has been. With this being the ‘Leadership & Advocacy’ themed week, I want to highlight 2 past training podcasts that I hosted for The Transform Your Confidence Show, which if you haven’t had the chance to watch, listen, or read yet, I highly recommend that you do.

Now that we are deep into the last quarter of 2021 – it is a great time to use reflection therapy (that’s what I call the end of year lookbacks), to push out all that didn’t serve you that you’re hanging on to, and push forward and up, all that has, so as to plan out next year to be razor-sharp intentional to achieving your deepest needs, greatest wants, and highest goals for 2022!

If leadership & advocacy are areas that you struggle with, aren’t sure how to maximize, or are completely oblivious towards, I have some good news for you . . .

I soft-launched a new series of 5 guided mastermind courses, that speak to an intentional journey towards real growth and elevation in the 5 areas that I work on with my private clients:

Mindset | Branding | Communications | Media-Marketing | Leadership

These can be accessed HERE.

For those of you who have already signed up, “thank you” I’m sincerely enjoying getting to know you as we work together towards elevating and empowering your personal and professional life.

For those of you who are either on the fence or are reading about this for the first time, here’s what you need to know . . .

I have ONLY announced the launch of the ‘Transformation 31: A Guided Mastermind Series’ for my newsletter community so far (soon to be announcing this publicly), where I’m pledging to assist ONLY 25 people this year, in mastering their authority in 31 days (no group training, just you and me dedicated to your project one-on-one).

Yes, you read it right!

This series has not yet been publicly announced, as I wanted to notify my newsletter community first before rolling it out to the masses. I made a commitment to you that you would always be the first to know anything new that the Academy launches, and have first access accordingly – that commitment will always be upheld!

So here’s what you need to know . . .

In phase one launch (October – December inclusive), each one of these courses will be delivered by me personally working with those who sign up, in a one-on-one environment virtually.

This is a very limited time engagement, where I’ll be personally coaching, mentoring, and guiding your journey (before it becomes training videos), because I want to ensure that the transformation you receive are as truly life changing as the courses are designed to accomplish, before I offer them up as pre-recording, evergreen trainings in 2022.

This will be the only time that the courses will be served up with this level of customization, because once they are placed into the recorded training model, they will be strict to a specific mandate, which the “guided by me” live version that I’m offering now throughout October, November, and December, will be adjusted slightly to accommodate each person who commits to the phase one (one-on-one) roll out.  

The courses are created around 5 specific areas that take people on a journey to master their personal brand, where it needs the most help, which maybe one, more, or all of the following . . .

  • Master Your Mindset: Know Your Why!
  • Master Your Brand: Know our Worth!
  • Master Your Authority Pt. 1: Cultivate Your Communication Skills!
  • Master Your Authority Pt. 2: Define Your Go-To Market Strategy!
  • Master Your Leadership: Create Global Advocacy!

Since this newsletter is focused on the theme of Leadership & Advocacy, let me take a moment to share the curriculum for the Master Your Leadership: Create Global Advocacy mastermind course:

➡  Phase 1: Your IQ And Type

  • Define ‘leadership’, ‘holistic leadership,’ ‘networking’, and ‘advocacy’.
  • Determine your leadership, networking, and advocacy IQ and type.

➡ Phase 2: Your Leadership Blueprint

Using the findings from phase 1, create your holistic blueprint. 

➡ Phase 3: Your Networking Blueprint

Using the findings from phase 1 + 2, your networking blueprint. 

➡ Phase 4: Your Advocacy Blueprint

Using the findings from phases 1+2+3, create your advocacy blueprint. 

So to be clear, if you purchase the course this quarter, you’ll be getting to work with me live one-on-one (and not in a group setting), and once we hit January 2022, you will only be able to access these guided masterminds as pre-recorded trainings.  

So, if this is something that resonates with you, don’t delay. Take advantage of having me as your exclusive coach (available to anyone who signs up until December 31st, 2021 or once the 25 spots have been filled).

CLICK HERE to reserve one of the 25 spots and to find out more about the curriculum (per course) that I’ll be taking you through (as there are no surprises here – you can see exactly what you’ll be getting out of signing up).

Now, in case you’re wondering why there are only 25 spots available this quarter, that’s because as previously stated, I’ll be delivering them one-on-one live, so with all of my other client commitments ongoing, this is the absolute maximum I am able to take on, without compromising anyone. So if a high touch, one-on-one environment and process speaks to the way that you learn, I highly recommend that you sign up now, to avoid disappointment. Again, so that we are completely clear . . .

I will only be taking on 5 people per course (that’s 25 people in total) this quarter, after which the course will be pre-recorded on a membership site.

Now before I close off for this week, I want to share why these courses are all 4 phases, journeying you from beginner to mastery level, so that you can understand the science behind my thought process here.

I’m a firm believer that real coaches, consultants, and mentors are those who have mastered the journey of transformation in their area of expertise by having experienced it (and not just having taught it from text books). As such, they are able to deliver it in the smallest amount of steps, with the biggest impact. So if you’re used to the hundreds of trainings, dozens of workbooks, and long periods of time to get through them, then my method will be a breath of fresh air for you, because that’s not what will happen here! My method is simple . . .

4 phases each working through 3 steps guided by me – that’s it! The minimum commitment of time, with maximum results. 

guide my clients through a proprietary system that includes coaching, consulting, and mentoring one-on-one. This high-touch, customized environment, is best suited for focussing on you and your needs exclusively.    

I have garnered my stripes through a combination of lived, learned, and earned experience, where I have created and cultivated 3 brands to respectable authority – professional development brand: The Open Chest Confidence Academy (est. 2020); personal brand: Raj Girn (est. 2011); cultural brand: Anokhi Life (est. 2002). My tenure-ship includes working with Fortune 500 companies, media houses, global thought leaders, celebrities, and influencers/creators on their branding, media, and marketing campaigns.

>>> I have worked with over 5,000 brands over 20 years in the media and communications space, so you’re in good hands with me <<<

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you when you’re ready! And if that’s now, access the 5 courses HERE and our one-on-one services HERE.

In the meantime, thank you so much for hanging out with me here each week; I sincerely hope I bring some value into your world!

Until next week, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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