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Do you know what the number one reason is to create a marketing campaign?

“Non-believers and believers come in varying degrees, so they all require a slightly different marketing strategy to nurture them to buy into your ecosystem.”
~ Raj Girn, Founder The Open Chest® Confidence Academy

Hi Friends,

I’ve been receiving emails from many of the members of our newsletter community here, asking me to provide access to past newsletters for the article missives I author each week. So I want you to know that I’ve listened to you (as I always do), and authorized my team to compile them all (17 in total to date) for you to ACCESS HERE on our website, under ‘Media’, called CEO Bites

I would love for you to head over and check out any that you may have missed, because I share experiential insights into various business concepts that are positioned to support your professional development journey. And feel free to share with anyone you feel may value this free content I provide each week.

OK, on with this week’s missive . . . 

I’ve been having a lot of very interesting conversations with executives, creators, entrepreneurs, and corporations of late, about the evolution of marketing over these past five years. 

In this short span of time, we have seen game changing innovation taking place with marketing techniques that are being used that are supported by technology, which are blurring the lines between traditional marketing, branding, story-telling, and public relations. Those who know this are crushing it with their campaigns to target client conversion. 

Those who don’t know this, continue to spend far too much time, money, and expertisein keeping these siloed, which in turn creates additional infrastructure that is needed to keep all of these balls in the air, which in turn requires additional hires just to manage the juggling act. If I had a buck for every time I work with a client who has an over active admin department and feet on the ground where they could have cost effective and efficient automation systems, I wouldn’t need to work anymore (but that’s a whole other post that I’ll do soon, about where to automate and systemize your infrastructure and where not to). 

The only people who win when you stick to keeping your marketing campaign siloed, are the companies you’re hiring that are still operating in these silos, so my advice to you is to stop running your go-to marketing strategies with these antiquated and convoluted methods that make it prohibitive to succeed in today’s fast moving world, because they set you up to fail, even if you have the budget to support them, because they don’t allow for flexible and nimble movement between creation, implementation, testing, go-to market, and data analysis. 

Remember the KISS method when ideating marketing strategy (or any strategy for that matter), that you were taught in marketing 101 (if you went to business school that is)? If like me you didn’t, and have learned everything on the job, then the only thing you need to know is to ‘keep it stupid simple’ and if it’s not, then change it until it is. 
Oh and never forget this one important fact about marketing . . .

The only reason you should ever consider creating a marketing campaign is to convert non-believers into believers. That’s it! That’s the ONLY objective of marketing. 

A point to note: Non-believers and believers come in varying degrees, so they all require a slightly different marketing strategy to nurture them to buy into your ecosystem:

  • People who have not yet heard of you. 
  • People who have heard of you, but haven’t purchased from you. 
  • People who have heard of you, have purchased from you, but weren’t satisfied.
  • People who have heard of you, have purchased from you, were satisfied, but didn’t purchase again. 
  • People who have heard of you, have purchased from you, were satisfied, and re-purchased from you. 

I will tackle the above in another post also, but for now, if you’re in need of direction on how to work step-by-step through crafting your marketing strategy, then send me an email to set up a free, no obligation call and let’s explore how I can guide you through my one-on-one coaching service (Consult With Raj Girn), to move the dial towards your intended goal (and if I cannot help you, I’ll do everything in my power to find someone who can). 

Contact me here: [email protected]

This week’s takeaway: 

“If the only thing you do with your marketing strategy is to create campaigns that convert non-believers into believers, then you’re doing more than most businesses do to succeed.” ~ Raj Girn 

See you next week!  

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