About The Academy


THE OPEN CHEST® CONFIDENCE ACADEMY (TOCCA), is a multi-faceted knowledge and skill learning resource centre, dedicated to personal and professional development in mindset, branding, media, public relations, and marketing.

Founder Raj Girn established this academy after spending over 30 years in the entrepreneurial arena, working with fortune 500 companies, medium sized corporations, and small sized businesses; thought leaders, celebrities, and influencers; media houses and niche communities.

Why? Because she strongly believes that regarding mass communications and marketing, there is a substantial gap between what traditional academic institutions are teaching versus what is actually needed to stay competitive in the ever changing environment of real life execution.

This continues to be made abundantly clear to her and her team, by the number of corporate and business executives who consistently solicit her services, which have been provided in a one-on-one coaching capacity since 2017. After quickly reaching capacity, coupled with the fact that she wanted to be able to serve more people and that too, wherever in the world that they may need help, she decided to launch this online academy in 2020, to put an end to the lack of credible resources available for learning the knowledge and skill required to succeed.

Her wealth of wisdom and experience, along with her extensive global resource pool of experts, uniquely positions THE OPEN CHEST® CONFIDENCE ACADEMY to advocate multiple levels of academic theory and practical skill learning techniques, with interactive, virtual, one-on-one, and group setting environments.

Core Focus Of The Academy


  • Our team is as equally invested in our clients success as they are in themselves.
  • If you are not committed to do the work, we cannot help you succeed.
  • The formula: Academy with access to knowledge & resources + Student with discipline & an open mind = learning success.


  • The Academy has access to an extensive group of experts, who we collaborate and partner with, to bring our clients the most up-to-date knowledge in mass communications and marketing.
  • These are people who have done it many times over and have perfected the formula to get great results every time for those who do the work.


  • Our clients are expected to be accountable to themselves and their learning journey, because without this commitment, regardless of the Academy’s access to knowledge, resources, and expertise, success will not be forth coming.
  • Certain services at the Academy provide one-on-one and group support for those who need mentor & peer support.


  • The Academy offers beginner to advanced level knowledge, skills, and expertise, so our clients can up-level from one service to the next at anytime.


  • General Level: All of our courses & programs come with a ‘Certificate Of Completion’ status.
  • Advanced Level: Our programs come with a ‘Certificate Of Graduation’ credential for those who opt to complete the advanced module.

Quality Assurance

  • All of our brochures, videos, courses, programs and services come with the THE OPEN CHEST® CONFIDENCE ACADEMY ‘Certified’ seal of approval.

2 Pillars of Service

1. Learn From Us

If you are looking to know the basics on mindset, branding, media, public relations, and / or marketing, we have 3 ways in which you can accomplish this . . .

  • The 101 Series: Provides beginners and intermediaries with access to the foundational basics.
  • The Industry Insider Series: Provides access to the latest facts, stats, and info, directly from the experts, so that you can stay current and on top of your game.
  • The 7-Minute Insights Series: Helps get to the crux of the million dollar life lesson or business tip quickly, for those that do not have the time for lengthy courses & endless homework projects, in the form of a comprehensive video series.

2. Work With Us

If you are looking to level-up your mindset, branding, media, public relations, and / or marketing, we have 5 opportunities for you to do so . . .

  • Monthly Mentor Mastery: Sometimes all we need is a regular reminder of the things we know, because details often get lost while living life. Other times, we need to learn what we don’t know, because we need answers and support to propel us to that next crucial level in life’s journey. If this is you, then this mentorship club may be what you’ve been waiting for.
  • Consult With Raj Girn: If you are in need of personalized, one-on-one attention to work through the ever changing mass communications and marketing landscape and / or want a more customized service in order to accomplish this, working directly with Raj and her team is the right option for you.
  • How To Communicate So That Anyone Will Listen: If you are looking for skill-centric learning opportunities, these courses will provide you with various opportunities to move the dial on your competitive edge.
  • Coaching Program: If you are stuck in Middle Management and looking to learn how to level up your personal brand so as to compete for a c-Suite position at work, or if you are an early stage entrepreneur looking to lead and inspire a team towards aligning with your company’s corporate culture, we have a proprietary 7 easy step system to help you get there, called THE OPEN CHEST® CONFIDENCE METHOD.
  • Corporate Mastermind: Is your team at work not performing to their maximum potential, or are you looking to transform a ‘clock in / clock out’ mindset effortlessly into an environment of advocacy culture centered around optimal productivity? Find out how in 2 days, we can help you get there.

Giving Back Collaboratively

Our founder Raj Girn is a compassionate supporter of many causes and has advocated for numerous charities throughout her 30 years in business. She owes this characteristic to her upbringing within the Sikh faith, where charity and giveback are the cornerstone of humanity. Duly, one of her strict mandates with all products and services that she creates, is to ensure that partial proceeds from all revenue generated is donated to those in need.

Therefore, the Academy is mandated through THE OPEN CHEST® CONFIDENCE FOUNDATION, to donate 10% of all company profits to needy causes that Raj believes in. Subsequently, in full disclosure, the Academy does not provide any product or service for free, excepting its Media content, open Facebook community, and Newsletter.

Our Support For You

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