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Want to grow your business exponentially? Then the CEO must be the most creative person on your team and here’s why . . .

“Today’s CEOs need to lean into holistic leadership that guides, provides for, and empowers their workforce, because today’s multi-generational workforce demands to be seen, heard, and valued. So if you’re a top down CEO (instead of a bottom up one), you’re limiting your company’s ability to reach its full potential.” ~ Raj Girn, Founder  The Open Chest® Confidence Academy

Hi Friend,

Have you ever wondered why companies with out-of-the-box leaders are able to scale their companies quickly?

I have always been fascinated by why the biggest risk takers are the ones who get back the biggest dividends, because logic leans towards success being tied to proven methodology, and taking risks means that you are operating outside of this. There is something to be said for the curveball then right? The idea that something unexpected and incomprehensible can defeat proven benchmarks, and create a whole new world of opportunities not just for the company, but for the industry, even for society at large!

It’s this notion of breaking new ground or marking new territory that gets my juices flowing, because I know first-hand what it feels like to succeed when you move your adrenaline to overdrive and how fear seeps in, which your gut instinct pushes aside so you can proverbially walk on water to the Promised Land. The key here is to ensure that the gut instinct is supported by solid strategy to pull you to the finish line successfully – that’s the piece that can swallow you up in the quicksand if you don’t have it dialled in. So don’t be hasty, be swift – there’s a BIG difference between the two, because those who fail are hasty, while those who succeed are swift.

Having worked with many start-up founders, corporate CEOs, and solopreneurs over the years, I have realized that those who move the dial further away from the center point of normalcy, are usually the ones who make quantum leaps in their companies growth (so long as the other parts are in place, because a crazy idea without beams to lift and support them, is a recipe for failure – I know I’m being repetitive here, but this cannot be stressed enough. I don’t want you on the wrong side of the equation).

So what do these leaders, these CEOs have in common? Many things, but the one thing that I want to bring to your attention this week, is the one criteria that I feel many leaders don’t focus on, which is the impact of creativity to amplify growth. I am a firm believer that a company’s success is directly proportionate to the CEO’s level of creativity, because s/he is leading the ship to sail.

A creative mindset has the ability to be more nimble during unchartered territory voyages, because if they are faced with an unexpected wave, boulder, or storm, s/he is able to pivot the ship to diverge catastrophe. Moreover, a creative CEO has the ability to see beyond the view of sight, inspire advocacy to her/his mission, and alchemize momentum towards success. Yes really! I’ve done it and I’ve witnessed others do it too. You don’t have to be Whitney Wolfe Herd or Elon Musk to be a successful entrepreneur or executive – you just need to be strategically creative!

If you’re looking to create and cultivate your creative CEO avatar, contact me here: [email protected] and I’ll help you strategize the best way to move forward.

This week’s takeaway: 

“A creative CEO has the ability to see beyond the view of sight, inspire advocacy to her/his mission, and alchemize momentum towards success.” ~ Raj Girn

See you next week!

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