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Why a quote by Priyanka Chopra prompted me to launch a growth academy?

. . . Because I’ve started something new that I think you’ll be into . . .

Hi Friends,

I`m super psyched to share with you that I`ve soft launched an online Academy called THE OPEN CHEST® CONFIDENCE ACADEMY after 30 years in the entrepreneurial arena, (with 20 if them being in C-Suite as a media, communications, marketing, and events entrepreneur, where I`ve predominantly worked with Fortune 500s, celebrities, though leaders, media houses, and high achieving individuals). Here`s bit about me for context (since I know that each of you know me in different contexts, so let`s get everyone on the same page before we move forward).

Before I tell you why I decided to launch this enterprise, I want to share a quote that best prefaces the `why`. It’s something that international actress, author, and activist Priyanka Chopra shared with me in a cover story interview that I did with her for ANOKHI magazine back in March of 2013, where she said:

“One thing that I learned was that you have to be undeniable. If you’re undeniable, then it doesn’t matter who you know, who you’re dating, which family you come from or how many friends you have in the industry. If your work and your talent speak for themselves, you WILL be undeniable. That’s the only truth that I have learned from my career — to do good work.” ~ Priyanka Chopra

Although I’ve been fortunate to speak with many high profile people over my career, this one insight from Priyanka has stayed with me all these years, where I’ve come to realize that there are two, very simple characteristics that make for a great leader regardless of what industry you’re in or where you are in your career:

 The ability to stay connected with everyone.
 The ability to connect everyone.

These two characteristics can be learned and perfected no matter who you are, where you come from, or where you want to go, so long as you have the correct knowledge, action steps, and accountability formula that’s needed to sustain the transformation once it is achieved. Sustainable transformation is accessible to anyone who is ready to re-program their mind, body, heart, and/or soul.

You see, I’m a staunch believer that as humans, no matter what we believe in or do, we are all on the same journey to discover the meaning and purpose of life. That is, what we are willing to let in and to let out in order to progress (or not). The difference between those who hit the mark and those who don’t is in the effort that is put in to acquiring the appropriate knowledge and resources, actioning them, and holding ourselves accountable to the intended outcome.

How do we accomplish this?  

I believe that there is only one way and the good news is, it’s a “rinse and repeat” formula (which means that you can do it over and over again for all aspects of your life that you want to excel in), and here it is:

Belief + Guru + Execution = Growth + Transformation

Let’s break this down shall we? 

  • In order to grow in any capacity, you must first believe that it’s possible (vision).
  • Then you must work with a person who is already where you want to go (direction).
  • Moreover, you must be committed to doing the work to get there, until you get there (investing in the process).
  • And then when you get there (growth and transformation), I believe you must share it (pay it forward) in order to repeat the progress in another part of your life, because real empowerment comes from service not from stature.

THE OPEN CHEST® CONFIDENCE ACADEMY is a one-stop, holistic community focused on cultivating sustainable transformation in mindset, branding, media, communications, marketing, leadership, and advocacy, with the goal of arming leaders with the ability to create, sustain, and grow deep, long-lasting connections so that everyone wins (the company, the workforce, the clients).

So how is this connected to the launch of this Academy?

Here it is: I’ve discovered a gap in the marketplace while working with so many high achieving individuals: . . .

 People are at different phases in their professional journey,
→ People have different objectives,
 People learn and action knowledge and resources differently. 

Because of this, I don’t believe that there is a “one size fits all” formula for everyone to learn, action, transform, and grow, yet so many of us are drinking the Kool-Aid that coaches and consultants are selling online, because of crafty marketing tactics. Don’t fall for this guys – as humans we are different, so we need different solutions towards the same goal. The trick is to find the one that’s right for you! 

This is what led me to create an Academy (which I soft launched in December 2020 and am building out in stages over the next couple of years), at, where I’ve taken this philosophy and categorized it into 3 areas that we focus on creating sustained transformation in: Learn From Us     Work With Us      Network With Us

Click Below To Find Out More About The Academy . . .


Words To Ponder . . .

When you hit a wall in your personal or professional life, what are some of the things that you do to create breakthroughs? You seek help from someone who has already broken through. As a BIPOC women who was raised to believe that her role was to get married and rear children, I have broken through many barriers in identity, self-worth, self-confidence, diverse skill-sets, and the kind of success that my 6 year old self would never have known where on the cards for me. If you are looking to re-imagine your life, I can help you get there, because that’s what I do.” ~ Raj Girn

Until next time.

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