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“In today’s workforce, there are two types of people – employees who are constantly trying to prove their worth to their employer and intrapreneurs who employers are constantly trying to prove their worth to.” ~ Raj Girn

Hi Friends,

As someone who started her career as a waitress at the age of 15 and became a C-Suite executive at the age of 32, I’ve been on both sides of the traditional power dynamic. Here’s some of what I’ve learned over the years now that I’m 51:

  • Most CEOs are not good leaders because they sit at the top of a hierarchical (top down) pyramid and not in touch with their workforce.
  • Good leaders sit at the bottom of an inverted pyramid (holistic), giving importance to their workforce. 
  • Employers determine the fate of their workforce, which for the most part, are dispensable. 
  • Employees determine the fate of the company, because numbers (of workers) and efficiency (speed + quality) are directly related to productivity.  
  • Entrepreneurs are the most innovate leaders in the world
  • Intrapreneurs are self-starters and have the most varied skill-set of all the workforce.   

So who from the list above is the most powerful link to business growth? None of them, because the power is with the consumer (trick question). So the right question to ask here is: “Who has the strongest relationship with the consumer?” The answer should be (but isn’t), “all of them”. 

My belief is that the most powerful way to lead is to empower everyone in your ecosystem towards the company’s vision (the future) and arm them to achieve the company mission (present), so that there is a roadmap towards actualizing the vision. The most effective way to do this right, is to make space for everyone to weigh in. Corporates call it ‘having a seat at the table’. Politicians call it ‘anarchy’. I call it ‘holistic leadership’. But whatever version best aligns with your belief system, one thing should be abundantly clear – understand how each rung of the ladder is connected, and you’ll reach the top of the building where the view is unobstructed!  

If leadership is challenging for you, whether you’re just starting up, are inherently an introvert, or are looking to re-define your approach, send me an email to set up a free, no obligation call and let’s explore how I can guide you to move the dial towards your intended direction: [email protected]

Words to ponder . . .

“Great leadership is defined by empowering greatness in others to be greater than yourself.” ~ Raj Girn 

Until next time.

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