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The 3 Questions That Will Help You Define Your Brand Identity

June 8, 2021

What does the word “branding” mean to you and your business? Does it apply to your marketing or sales strategy? But if the intention of marketing is to sell, and the intention of selling is to generate revenue for your business, then what truly is the intention of branding?

Morning Lazziness
Morning Lazziness

Meet 7 Indian Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Breaking The Ceiling With Their Incredible Ideas And Passion

June 2, 2021

“Entrepreneurship means opportunity, so wherever the opportunity is available for women – especially in countries like India, where women are formally pronounced as second-class citizens, unlike in the west, where our inferiority is pushed into the underbelly of society – is a great thing.”

HeartBlend Podcast
HeartBlend Podcast

Shaping Your Identity with Raj Girn

June 2, 2021

“In this episode, we chat with Raj Girn, founder of Open Chest Academy to speak about building confidence and shaping your identity to the identity you’d like to have and to let go of limitations.”


How Raj Girn Used The Art Of Storytelling To Create Two World-Class Brands

May 30, 2021

The value of a good storyteller cannot be underestimated. In fact, it shouldn’t be undervalued in any capacity because it can mean the difference between success and failure for a brand, wins or losses for a cause, visibility or oversight for changemakers.

Global News

We need to amplify our Asian voices and heritage

May 24, 2021

“While governments and corporations continue to profit from the ‘-isms’ that separate humanity, the voice of diversity will continue to be muted, no matter how loud our megaphone may blow.”


Why Conscious Economics Is the Leadership Style of the Future

May 24, 2021

When our society was suddenly forced into extended periods of distancing, isolation and quarantine, it forced us as a whole to turn inward and reflect on ourselves, our individual values and how these factors could help improve our social circumstances. This is the philosophy at the foundation of conscious economics — the view of what a human economy would be if it were based on self-reflection and realization, rather than self-assertion.

LA Weekly

Top 10 Coaches To Watch And Their Success Stories

May 13, 2021

When she’s not receiving glowing praise from celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Nicole Sherzinger and Kim Kardashian for her thoughtful and empathetic interview style, Raj Girn is working with Fortune 500 companies, thought leaders and media houses to help bring out their best potential. Raj Girn is a confidence coach, consultant, and mentor, with a goal to build up leaders. After spending 15 years in the media and events space, she started coaching executives and entrepreneurs in media, public speaking, personal branding, niche corporate marketing, and sales.


The Mindset That Sets Apart Great Leaders

May 5, 2021

Anyone who has worked on the lower rungs of the corporate ladder will know just how valuable and career changing a leader can be. They may appear to be few and far between, but in a job where the top echelons of the company not only manage and oversee, but lead their employees, then you will truly reap the benefits of this potentially life-changing quality.

The Odyssey Online

Integrating Confidence And Commanding Presence For Your Brand With Raj Girn

May 5, 2021

Entrepreneurship can fall flat when a business doesn’t have a guru or doesn’t have the proper execution of strategy. Launching a masterclass to help others in the media, communications, marketing, and events industry, Raj Girn is ready to lead others to inspire the world with messages delivered clearly, efficiently, and confidently.

Action & Ambition

Raj Girn: Helping to Build the Confidence of Generations

April 18, 2021

Raj is continuing her mission to help people turn their insecurities into success as she reaches out to younger audiences who can relate to her story.


How the Queen of Confidence Earned Her Crown

April 14, 2021

Confidence building queen, Raj Girn, hasn’t always had it easy. Her confidence didn’t come naturally but, instead, she earned it through adversity in her life. Now, she owns her own media company and is helping others find their confidence along the way.

Thrive Global

Unlocking Your Best Potential With “The Open Chest Rinse & Repeat Method” by Raj Girn

March 24, 2021

Every single one of us has the potential within us to become a better version of ourselves to help elevate self and the people around us, but the difference between those who hit the mark and those who don’t, is the effort required to fully understand and acquire the knowledge, action the resources, and be accountable to the intended outcome.


How To Use Leadership and Advocacy Culture To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Company

March 12, 2021

The right kind of leader consistently inspires, motivates, elevates and values everyone up, down, and across the food chain. When a leader can recognize that their employees are their company, and that its success is determined by their belief and commitment to its greater mission, then this is what determines longevity and meaningful impact.

Thrive Global

How Discomfort Can Transform Your Life As Told By Raj Girn

March 2, 2021

Raj Girn, founder of The Open Chest Confidence Academy, is an award winning, serial entrepreneur and multimedia personality, who has worked with fortune 500 companies and A-list celebrities for almost two decades. She has created and curated multiple media and marketing campaigns and event properties, that have incorporated multinational corporations, celebrities, influencers, thought leaders, media houses, and public communities.

Hindustan Times

Open Chest Academy: Redefining businesses through personality development & more

January 29, 2021

Being a multifaceted knowledge and skill learning community, is being built around the belief that everyone has a unique identity and capability, but very few people know how to bring this out naturally.


Raj Girn Wants to Help Others Heal and Find Success

January 21, 2021

The Open Chest Academy is a multi-tiered organization, meaning there are levels and opportunities for everyone regardless of what stage they are in their business, how much help they need, or their financial capacity. Raj has for many years been a thought leader, innovator, and inspiration to many. We look forward to the many proteges she will birth through the academy and the impact and contribution they will all make in society as a result of her guidance and wisdom.


It’s 2021: Time To Reclaim Your Life With The Open Chest Confidence Academy’s Raj Girn

January 6, 2021

We have the perfect guest to guide us through all of this. Raj Girn, Founder of The Open Chest Confidence Academy will be joining us to give us some much-needed clarity and key tips on how to start the right transformation for you, whether it’s about your spirituality, your personal goals or your career development.

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